Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Laura McCullagh does a video, for self.same no less!

My lovely fiend from Cape Town, Laura McCullagh did THIS, coz she is CLEVER and stuff, it's a video and things for a band called self.same Fragments, looky looky:

Monday, September 22, 2014

Destrukto - Geisha EP and some mixes

A tchno mix I did a while back:

Destrukto - Devils Abacus Techno Mix by Greg Tucker on Mixcloud

Here is an EP I did a while back, created from scratch on Ableton Live. It is my first excursion into making my own electronica: And this is a mixtape I did for someone very special ( <3 ):

Destrukto - What Dreams May Come (Jacket in the Desert) Mix by Greg Tucker on Mixcloud

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


My good friend Chris Pheiffer aka I AM NOIZE and I, DESTRUKTO, have been busy in the studio making some dark and twisted Techno. The track is called OBEY, we are busy with an EP. Here is a remix we did of Joburg's THE FROWN: YAY, back on my blog, awesome.

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Frown - Teenage Swim new EP out now on iTunes

The Frown have a new EP out, Teenage Swim Johnny Neon did the cover artwork. Check it, buy it

Saturday, June 1, 2013

We did a HOW TO DESTROY ANGELS Remix for the competition, please vote

It has been a while, a GREAT deal has happened since last we spoke. Hold thumbs for me people. My friend Koos and I, we are called MonoDestrukt, we entered the HOW TO DESTROY ANGELS remix competition, this is what we did. Please go and vote, I, DESTRUKTO did a short Electro type, breaks mix, recently, check it: Anyhoo, I will start posting again. I have WAY too many things to post from the past, so its a clean slate, and I will post from here on in I love you all.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Part 3: Dead Can Dance, Theresa Andersson,

Part 3 (more coming): So, Dead Can Dance have signed to [PIAS] and have a new album called Anastasis.
\ Theresa Andersson - Fiya's Gone (Right Click Save as) Theresa Andersson - Fiya's Gone (Right Click Save as)

Part 3: Dead Can Dance, Theresa Andersson,

Part 3 (more coming): So, Dead Can Dance have signed to [PIAS] and have a new album called Anastasis. Theresa Andersson - Fiya's Gone (Right Click Save as)

Part 2 of...HUGE post

Part 2, there are MANY more, I will space them out so that you do not get overloaded by uber-awesomeness: Some loops we did: This ones for Renate: "Purveys vocals with substance... a sort of Polish Bjork." DJ Mag and she HAS supported Depeche Mode… Bushwiccan - Metropol Karlie Bruce - Paperback Lover

Heaven Is A Mountain (Erik Gundel Remix) from The Sanctuaries on Vimeo.

Go Here for new stuff, Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra - The Killing Type (Right clock save as)

GRIETFEST, Potchefstroom, MonoDestrukt, IamNoize, ThisisGin, Gosteffects etc

It HAS been WAY too long, this is from the first page of 1400 unread emails, what this means is that this is the first of many catch up blogs, sigh. I do not have internet at home, I have to go to a restaurant and use my friends shops internet next door, my inbox gets bigger and bigger and I get more daunted and it becomes a HUGE task to separate the good from the not so good. It takes time. ANYHOO, I am playing my first ever set in Potchefstroom this weekend at THIS Along with some fiends featured below. AND THEN, I will be playing at GRIETFEST on the (ironically) Youngblood stage. TRUMPDISCO is ALSO playing, and as those of you who have followed my blog for long time, you will know that I have been supporting and posting about them for over 5 years now, so it will be awesome to meet them. WELL, on to business: My fiend and I did a Techno track, its unfinished, still fun though:) here's a mixtape from a while back: I have a new page on my good friends SITE and Here it is. My Fiend IamNoize has done a new remix, its up for free dl here: My friend This is Gin also has a new remix: Mr Bourke's new project Gosteffects is releasing a new album, here is a remix: Gosteffects - Tear the Club Up (Deathface Remix) Jan - Work for the City The PLEA$URE - Platypus EP is out today and includes the originals tracks Platypus and Toucan as well as remixes by Visioist (Diskotopia), Vhyce (Sweat It Out), Lucid (Pelican Fly) and Hoshina Anniversary (GND). With their arpeggiated Bach-esque melody structures, multi rhythmical environments and elaborate arrangements they are surely without comparison in today's club music! And we're proud they are now joining the No Brainer family. Follow their trail into a world full of birds, birds and birds. Welcome to the PLEA$URE dome. Please go to these buy links for: PLEA$URE - Platypus EP Beatport Link iTunes Link Juno Download Link Trax Source Link PETEBOX is playing Reading:
Some nice Low Life Inc stuff: Comtron - Fraud

UNGDOMSKULEN ASKEFAST from Ungdomskulen on Vimeo.

Some Pussy Riot stuff (PS, FUCK you putin, you are as bad as Stalin): PUSSY RIOT "Putin Lights Up the Fires" lyrics:  (translation credit: @Russian_Market) This state may be stronger than time in jail. The more arrests, the happier it is. Every arrest is carried out with love for the sexist Who botoxed his cheeks and pumped his chest and abs. But you can't nail us in the coffin.  Throw off the yoke of former KGB! Putin is lighting the fires of revolution He's bored and scared of sharing silence with the people With every execution: the stench of rotten ash With every long sentence: a wet dream The country is going, the country is going into the streets boldly The country is going, the country is going to bid farewell to the regime The country is going, the country is going, like a feminist wedge And Putin is going, Putin is going to say goodbye like a sheep Arrest the whole city for May 6th Seven years isn't enough, give us 18! Forbid us to scream, walk and curse! Go and marry Father Lukashenko PLUS, here is a letter written by Nadia on the eve of the verdict: PUSSY RIOT Go here to get more info: Free Pussy Riot it is OUTRAGEOUS that this shit goes on in the world. anyhow, here is a new Garbage video: pennybirdrabbit - treehouse EP FREE download Svidden - OMFG by RISLabs

Monday, April 23, 2012

Part FOUR of an increasingly LARGE blog Thank you Renate, this is EPIC: and this is just plain AWESOME: Some shizzle from Black Butter Records: There's some cool free shit from BB Records as well, you have to like the pages, but the tracks are worth it: Cinematic - Fly (instr) Disclosure - Tenderley (Kidnap Kid Remix) DJ Shadow - Mutual Slump (3HRS Remix) Hostage - Crocodile Bassnectar - Vava Voom new album Ane Brun - Do You Remember right click save as there's a link for a free download of her album:

Part THREE of a MUCH larger blog...sigh


Dot Hacker - Order/Disorder Live at the Troubadour from ORG Music on Vimeo.

Jesca Hoop - Born To right click save as available on iTunes HERE Staunch Mix Klose One Punches - Can I Live (Skeet Skeet Remix) right click save as

Part 2 of a much larger post

Part 2 of LARGE post. This is a mix I did a few years back, It has Boys Noize, Simian Mobile Disco, Audion etc etc t\if you scroll down, there are more of my old radio shows: Gandi - Doxy EP on SHAX TRAX

Check Yo Ponytail / Mad Decent / Fool's Gold present: SUPER PARTY at Emo's East & Beauty Ballroom - March 17, 2012 from Check Yo Ponytail on Vimeo.

Some Tech House for you: Ross Mt.Park - Duuurty KrillEP The High Strung Possible o' Possible (right click save as)

Spoek Mathambo, Destrukto's first remix with a lil help from his friends and others

Part one of a longer post. A remix myself, Infidel and Email Chekkerr did a long time ago, PLUS if you scroll down in the window there's some of my old radio shows you can listen to: Spoek Mathambo's FATHER CREEPER EURO TOUR - APRIL-MAY 2012
27.apr Live @ Plastic Club - Milano, IT

28.apr Live @ Spazio 211 - Torino, IT

29.apr Live @ Dancity Night - Serendipity Club - Foligno, IT

30.apr Live @ Brancelone - Roma, IT

02.may Live @ Debaser - Malmö, SE

03.may Live @ Nefertiti - Gothenburg, SE

04.may Live @ Strand - Stockholm, SE

05.may Live @ Bla - Oslo, NO

10.may Live @ The Great Escape Festival - Brighton, UK

11.may Live @ A38 - Budapest, HU

12.may Special Performance with Africa Express Sound System @ The Great Escape Festival - Brighton, UK

16.may Live @ The Ruby Lounge - Manchester, UK

17.may Live @ Hoxton Bar - London, UK

18.may Live @ Bongo Club - Edinburgh, UK

19.may Live @ Music Box - Lisbon, PT

22.may Special gig in Paris… ssshhhhhhh

23.may Live @ La Laiterie - Strasbourg, FR

24.may Live @ La Cave Aux Poetes - Roubaix, FR

25.may Live @ Nouveau Casino - Paris, FR

26.may Live @ EMB - Sannois (closed to Paris), FR

27.may Live @ Art Rock Festival - St-Brieuc, FR You can buy the full release on Beatport here: No Brain Nuggets vol 1 Cut Copy's bassist has a new solo album coming out. They are busy with the follow up for Zonoscope, but he has taken time out for his own effort. This pleases me. This ones for Renate Penguin Prison Remix Competition HERE, DO it Roy Davis Jr & Bear Who?’s Automatic Principles: RIS 014: Roy Davis Jr ft. Bear Who? - Automatic Principles by RISLabs MEGAMIX OF FULL EP ON WITH PROMO VID ON YOUTUBE: ERIC SHARP REMIX ONLY EMBED CODE:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Greg Reve, MTWAT, PHNTM, Le Le, Elite Force, Rusko etc etc

Firstly, congratulations to ALL the MK Awards winners and to the nominees who didn't get the nod, but were still in the running. Our industry is getting bigger and bigger and there is more and more awesome independent music coming from all over SA, its AWESOME to see alternatives to Just Jinger and the parlotones etc...

New Greg Reve video!!! He's off to the States (San Francisco) on the 10th April, this AWESOME producer and DJ is SURE to make HUGE inroads there, keep an eye out for him.

New label out from Top Billin member Sharkslayer called My Techno Weighs A Ton or MTWAT for short:

Low Life Inc stalwarts Le Le are back, and they are covering Whitney Houston:

Elite Force's ever expanding gift of AWESOMENESS on RVMPD2 has yet another beat of awesomeness, it's like the gift that KEEPS on giving!!!

Scion A/V is giving away a pair of tickets to EVERY US Skream and Benga show on their upcoming tour! To enter for a chance to win:

1. Read the rules and tour schedule HERE

2. Follow their TWITTER HERE

3. TWEET "@SCIONAV #SkreamBenga [date of show]"

Easy Peasy Pudding Sleezy. Winners will be chosen randomly and will be contacted via Twitter one day BEFORE the concert on HOW to redeem the tickets.
I love BOTH these artists and am GREEN with envy that you bastards are getting to see them!!!

Rusko - Skanker

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Twelv, Eyes Like Mirrors, Desmond and the Tutus, POPSKARR, Trumpdisco...

LOTS of awesome South African music from Twelv, Eyes Like Mirrors, POPSKARR and Desomond and the Tutus as well as some NON local stuff such as TRUMPDISCO, Dirty Ganesh, Disclosure et al...

Oooooh, Trumpdisco...

Some awesome free music from my friend Ben and his band Eyes Like Mirrors:

Check out Twelv's new free LP Beautiful Filth on Karana Music, follow up to his Squelchstep and precursor to his and Thesis's upcoming release. Prolific little bugger, Robert.

Further local stuff for you:

Desmond and the Tutus have a new album coming out, they have made an infomercial:

New from Shax Trax:
Dirty Ganesh - Cosmic Terror EP on Beatport

Neptuun City have a new release of Elay Lazutkin with a cool PHNTM remix

Party in SHOREDITCH bitches (if you're in London

Disclosure - Tenderley (Kidnap Kid Remix)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Twelv, Nick Cave and Debbie Harry, The Hussy, One Night Stand competition etc

We went to The Brickfields Festival at Carfax on saturday night, it was awesome, thank you Jani, this was the track of the night for me,
thank you Digital Rocket, cool catching up with Graeme, dancing till 4am is one of my favorite things. We also met Inge Beckman and Mr Sakitumi, awesome people.

Monday morning madness for you all.

Grimes has been compared to Nine Inch Nails with Mariah Carey, not sure how I feel about that comparison, you make up your mind:

Gun Club's Jeffrey Lee Pierce who passed away in 1996 from a brain hemorrhage was working on some tracks, unfinished, they have been unearthed and a tribute album featuring Nick Cave collaborating with Debbie Harry amongst others has been released, here are some samplers for you to get excited about:

Thanks Keith:
The Worlds FIRST Rock Concert ends in chaos…awesome!!!

Firehorse - Our Hearts

The Hussy - Undefined

People Get Ready - Disappear )Greg Saunier Remix)

Zammuto - Shape of Things To Come

James Curd - Guide Me (Gigamesh Remix)

If you are a muso in Oz, (local to Dalby or thereabouts) and want to play at ONE NIGHT STAND in Dalby, check out this awesome competition to win a chance to play at the festival.

Ridiculous news of the day:
Californian indie-pop outfit The Morning Benders have changed their name to POP ETC after being told they're band name"was the equivalent of 'The Morning Fags' in America." 

The trio broke the news to fans on their facebook page a few hours ago, posting "This will be the last post from The Morning Benders. Thank you all very much."

New albums just released:

Mars Volta - Noctourniquet
Yukon Blonde - Tiger Talk
Django Django - Django Django 
Bearhug - Bill Dance Shiner
Anti-Flag - The General Strike
Chet Faker - Thinking In Textures {EP}
Grinderman - Grinderman 2 RMX 

Odd Future - The OF Tape Vol 2
The Chemical Bros - Don't Think (CD/DVD)
Justin Townes Earle - Nothing's Going To Change The Way You Feel About Me Now
Kindeness - World You Need A Change of Mind
Xiu Xiu - Always

Squelchstep is anew free LP from the twisted genius mind of Twelv (one half pf Twelv and Thesis and brother to the equally brilliant Richard the IIIrd), also check out Zulu Tunes Soundcloud page with loads of free underground music from Johannesburg:

Last but defo not least a free 12 track album from The Clash, the link is in the top right hand corner:
Cargo Collective featuring The Men, The Wedding Present, Robert Pollard, Genesis P Orridge etc etc...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday I'm In Love Part Deaux...MtKidu...Beataucue

Kitsuné...we love you

Murray and Nick, we love you....unfortunately they will be defunct for a while as Kidu concentrates on his other band commitments and Mt fucks off the Europe...again...
COME BACK SOON FUCKERS (ruv ewe rong time)

MtKidu - SkeletonKey from MJ TURPIN on Vimeo.

Friday and I'm in Love....Anti retro Vinyls, A-Trak, Flying Lotus, Dot Hacker et al...

Happy Friday Bitches....and may I mention that I am UBER excited for Season 5 of Breaking Bad, however it is still a LONG way off (sigh)...annnnnnd Ugly Americans is AWESOME, thank you Comedy Central. That being said, The Dead Set is also awesome, Zombies, gore, hopelessness...nice....SO much better than that crap Walking Dead mess....

Cool, well, Happy Friday humanoids,

The Anti Retro Vinyls have a song for download, and it's FREEEEEE

Dot Hacker - Disorder

Diplo + Turntable.fm + SXSW + Pepsi + Intel 3.15 from Turntable.fm on Vimeo.

A-Trak + Turntable.fm + SXSW + Pepsi + Intel 3.15, Turntablism from Turntable.fm on Vimeo.

Flying Lotus + turntable.fm + SXSW + Pepsi + Intel from Turntable.fm on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

NEW GARBAGE, Elite Force, Mynabirds, and a NICE try

Some Thursday love for you:

The Do LaB's Lightning in a Bottle 2011 - Official Video from The Do LaB on Vimeo.

Elite Force's latest in the ongoing weekly series of awesome Revamps being given away is here.

I Heart Sharks - 'SUMMER' (HD) from Spike Morris on Vimeo.

Also check out Housse De Racket - Alesia (Deluxe Edition) Here

YES, you got it right….GARBAGE….FUCK yeah!!!

AND, LASTLY, my FAVOURITE Scam so far, 10 out of 10 for originality:

Rev. Michael Chruchman
240 Bishop Avenue
vertican city, roma

Compliments of the season to you and members of your family.

My name is Rev. Michael Chruchman a member of Pope Benedict XVI, Papal
Visit to Chicago IL from 14th of January 2012 to 16th of January 2012.
On board Lufthansa airlines, LH5335 on route Rome to London Heathrow to
Chicago O'Hare international airport. At Heathrow international airport,
I meet a diplomat Mr. John Lopez with two truck boxes belonging to you
And the diplomat was seeking for an assistance which we did by giving
Him a papal tag which allowed him access to enter the United states of
America with the two truck boxes with each weighing 32 Pounds valued
3,000,000USD (Three million dollars) each. But unfortunately, the
Diplomat has lost your address and your nearest airport including your
Telephone numbers, probably because of the pressure from the airport

I personally assisted him to get his luggage out of the customs as He
claimed that the two truck box has a papal tag. Could you please?
Kindly contact Mr. John Lopez on email johnlopez02@rocketmail.com He is right there at the airport please contact him immediately for the delivery of this two truck boxes.

Note: your papal tag numbers are PT405ROME-IL and PT406ROME-IL.

Get back to me to confirm if you have received your two truck boxes.

May GOD bless you?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Orbital feat Zola Jesus, Elite Force, Vato Gonzales and Diplo, Fidlar, Chantal Claret et al... etc etc

New post FULL of cool things.

Midnight Magic - Drop Me A Line (Holy Ghost Remix)

Neon Indian - Hex Girlfriend (Twin Shadow Remix)

Woods - Wind Was The Wine

Chantal Claret - Bite Your Tongue

Fidlar - No Ass

Orbital - New France feat Zola Jesus (Vis 1990's Rewound Mix) Right Click

School of Seven Bells - The Night (Rewards Remix)

Vato Gonzales and Diplo - Rasclat Riddim

Elite Force's latest in the 18 track odyssey of free awesomeness is available for Download HERE, be sure to get it asap

Our shop will be open again in the next few weeks, new bigger premises, exciting times up ahead, INCLUDING some EPIC and HUGE concerts.
I promised a mixtape, I did one, wasn't happy with it, will re-mix it and post it asap...