Monday, May 5, 2008

Tonights Show featuring Cut Copy, Crystal Castles, Simple Minds...

I have new stuff from Cut Copy, Crystal Castles, Portishead, Hercules & Love Affair, as well as some COOL old tracks from Simple Minds before they went stadium rock and crap....
1st Hour of Show
Simple Minds - I Travel
Joy Division - Isolation
Love & Rockets - It could be sunshine
Neon Neon - Belfast
Cut Copy - Out there on the ice
The Whip - Blackout
Foreign Beggars - What goes up ft Dr Syntax
Alex Blood - Say Hello
Four Tet - A Joy (Remix)
Crystal Castles - Alice Practice
Hercules & Love Affair - Hercules Theme
Crystal Castles - Magic Spells
Simple Minds - Someone Somewhere in Summertime
Killing Joke - Requiem
2nd Hour of Show
Simian Mobile Disco - Sleep Deprivation
Boys Noize - Lava Lava (Feadz Aval Aval Mix)
Cut Copy - Hearts on fire
Depeche Mode - Clean
Depeche Mode - Stories of old
Gary Numan and Tubeway Army - It must have been years
Paul Woolford presents Bobby Peru - The Truth
Kasabian - Apnoea
Realistic Crew - Inevitable
Portishead - We carry on

Crystal Castles - Crimewave (Crystal Castles vs Health)
The Gathering - Perfect Souls (unfortunately there is no info on the net about this great South African Goth band from the mid to late 1980's, they used support No Friends of Harry and the Psycho Reptiles back then, very cool)
Cut Copy - Eternity one night only

Monday Nights 11pm till 1am Johannesburg Time, Channel 169 Audio Bouquet also 1485AM Radio


Anonymous said...

So, do you really think Simple Minds went "crap"? Think again my friend. The band are back with the original line up and are ready to record new songs for their next album. What's more, SM are embarking on their 30th Anniversary UK tour in November and will perform the entirety of the 1982 album "New Gold Dream." You better get your South African ass over to the UK this November, if you want to see the band.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of crap... Crystal Castles are REALLY dreadful. Their album sounds cheap, nasty and uncool. As they say in show business, don't believe the hype. Other over-rated bands like The Gossip and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were also championed. The only thing Crystal Castles has going for them is a great name. However, the music doesn't live up to their name. MGMT are also another new band that are the critics' favourite, but they, too, sound cheap and nasty.

Destrukto said...

Hello Anonymous, thank you for your comments, I look forward to hearing their new stuff with their original line-up. I really loved their early music from their first album right through to New Gold Dream, I also enjoyed Sparkle in the Rain but then they seemed to go very stadium rock, trying in a way to take on U2 head on. I think they lost that original creativity that they had when they made songs like I Travel etc. As to Crystal Castles, I really like the remix work they do, and I like the new album, it is quirky and original. The Gossip, I am not too enamoured with and also find them a bit overrated, but I do think that the Yeah Yeah Yeah's are pretty cool. It's all down to personal taste really. Thanks for your comments, they are appreciated and thanks for listening:) I do hope that SM can get back to their former pompous glory, they were great in their day