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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ke Ai, Level Up, George Lenton ,Caribou, The Drums, Suckers, Friends Electric,

WOOOOOO, tomorrow is almost upon us!!! Check out the cool shizznizz that Ke Ai are giving away and sponsoring for Level Up at The Woods which will be AWESOME

How cool is THIS shizzle!! Be there, you may randomly receive free stuff, just by being awesome, we reward awesomeness, it's true, we do!

In Fact, YOU are AWESOME, no REALLY, you are, it is true because I SAID so!!!

AND, whilst I am at it, speaking of AWESOME, it's Keith and Nicks birthday soiree this evening at THE KITCHENERS, so be there, it will be cool!! HAPPY HAPPY GUYS, I get all teary eyed......

SOOOOOO,in lieu of much mayhem and insanity tomorrow night and tonight, I give you some gifts, because I DOOOOOO love you all so, and I am a giving kinda guy, yet some more legally free MP3's follow for your listening pleasure,

Caribou - Sun (Altrices Only what You Gave Me Remix)
Caribou web

The Drums - Forever and Ever Amen (Saint Etienne Remix)
The Drums Mon Espacio

Local Natives - Wild Eyes (Suckers Remix)
Suckers MySpandex

Kelis - Acapella (Friends Electric Mix)
Friends Electric MySpazz

YAAAAAAY, some MORE new George Lenton stuff,he's been quite prolific over the past few weeks, we like we like!!:

mediafire ; George Lenton - Makura

soundcloud ; George Lenton - Makura

Mediafire ; George Lenton vs Buster shuffle - One beat

soundcloud ; George Lenton vs Buster shuffle - One beat

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