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Another MASSIVE MONSTER Post with Kids at the Bar, ReturnTo Mono,

Hello my fellow Gangstah's, here is yet another monster post for you as I got sidetracketing last week (when most of this post was actually done). What did my sidetracking and made me happier than I have been in a LONG time, probably about 11 months really, was that I have FINALLY SOLD MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY, thus making me the HAPPIEST man on the planet bar none!!
Anyhoo, I have neglected you all, my second family as I have not posted AGAIN for a long time, HOWEVER, do not despair, as here I am again in your sight with a big post full of awesome goodies from the past two weeks, some are FRESH FRESH off the press, some have been floating around the blogosphere for the past week or so, so, sorry for the delay but things are finally going right for me after a LOOOOOONG period of REALLY shit times. All I can say to all of you and especially Ren, thank you for all of your support and love and patience, I remain a work in progress, but I am progressing.

This weekend I will be playing at Mammas on Saturday afternoon and night, so it's going to be a LONG night for me. from 2pm till 1am, wooooooo. If I repeat any songs forgive me.
On saturday night at WOODS there is We Are Animals
Tonight at Kitcheners, Klassikist is playing awesome old stuff off of VINYL, my favourite....wooooo, I need to do a vinyl only party again.
Friday night at Town Hall, HAEZER will be doing a FREE party which will be wicked cool, he destroyed it in Pretoria at Le Castle Vania a few weeks NOT miss out, it's FREEEEE

COOL, soooo, without further ado, here is the POST.

Mike Huckaby about the 'Fallen Heroes' of underground record shops #2

Some wicked cool stuff from Ghostly International, some free samples as well as the albums which you can get from their stores on the links below:

Gold Panda - Lucky Shiner
Mux Mool -Wax Rose Saturday EP
Spectral Sounds Document 3

Sebastien Tellier - L'amour Et La Violence Boyz Noize Remix (Official Video) from Record Makers on Vimeo.

AND it might be old but Monsieur Tellier has released Sexuality Remix Album:
Sebastien Tellier – Kilometer (A-Trak Remix)

Time Crisis presents their second single, “Bricks", off their upcoming self-titled debut album, which is slated for a September 28 release.
The first leak, "Blue Lips", introduced music heads to Time Crisis with a video directed by Nicolas Heller. In this second leak, Time Crisis blurs the sonic spectrum even further. “Bricks” provides a sample of the duo's denser arrangements, dynamic percussion, and vocal depth.
Time Crisis – Bricks all you need to do is Tweet it or Facebook Status Update it.
Time Crisis

This is the title of the new Return To Mono album that is hitting the shelves on November the 10th.
Return To Mono – Framebreaker
Return To Mono Web

Cursive’s front man brings you Tim Kasher – Cold Love

From Cologne Germany comes: Superpitcher – Rabbits in a Hurry, guess what it’s about, lol

Thanks Jodie from Nile-On Records for this:
Laurel Collective – Cheap
Laurel Collective Blog

A new EP from The Cloud I’m Under called Probably Next Time and it’s a stripped down piece of coolness. Seems as if has gone through a break-up….I can relate.
The Cloud I’m Under – Bleed
The Cloud I’m Under – Hearts Divided
The Cloud I’m Under – Nowhere
The Cloud I’m Under – Dude, where’s my rocketship
The Cloud I’m Under – Things I’ve done Wrong
The Cloud I’m Under – All Through The Night (Cyndi Lauper cover)
AHHHHHH, something to make me excited, as I have Polish ancestry, some Polish Electro, from Krakow no less, thanks to the good folk at Low Life Inc:
Sentel – Windows
Sentel is Sylwia Kopys and Bartek Baran, 19 and 22 respectively, a duo of electronic alchemists based in the medieval city of Krakow, Poland. Together they craft bubbling beats and technicolour melodies tip-toeing the lines between avant-dance styles, landing somewhere in the middle of the post-dubstep genre that is now simply known as bass. Their sound has been dubbed a distant cousin of Ikonika and Untold. Out on the Warsaw-based Concrete Cut label (also home to Think, Liquid Molly, Shoju, and ptr1), Chapel 20 / Widow is Sentel’s debut release.

UNKLE – The Runaway (Feat Lupe Fiasco)

Matthew Dear – Slowdance (Bears In Heaven Remix
Matthew Dear Web

I’m not a Band - To Be Honest

Dungen - Marken Låg Stilla
Dungen MySpace

Brahms – Another Time (Laurel Halo Remix

New band Return To Mono are releasing their new album on November the 10th and it’s called Framebreaker and they have very kindly given me the title single to share with you, aren’t they cool? I think so:
Return To Mono – Framebreaker
Return To Mono MySpace they have given this to us a month before it hits the radio stations! YAAAAAAAAY, they love you almost as I love you

Go get Phil Kieren’s new EP called Totally Snorked

The good folk from Low Life Inc sent me this news of New Dutch rising star on the brand new label Forma T:
Kid Kaio – Hey
Kid Kaio MySpace

Underworld – Always Loved a Film (AmpLive Remix)
Underworld MySpace

Restless People – Don’t Back down
Restless People Web

Foreigner – Cold As Ice (Specimen A Remix)
Specimen A MySpace

The Hush – The Other Ones

She’s half Greek half Welsh……the Lamb dishes in her house must be stellar:
Marina And The Diamonds – Shampain (Pictureplane Remix)
Marina And The Diamonds MySpace

Deluka - OMFG[Disrupt The Scene rmx]
Skrillex - WEEKENDS!!![Disrupt The Scene rmx]
Disrupt The Scene MySpace

Seymour Bits – Style
Seymour Bits – This is the place to be (Twr72 Rmx)
Seymour Bits releases his second solo-album on September 17th on Magnetron Music. The self titled album is distinctly more dancefloor based, but is never loosing site of his roots in 70’s and 80’s electro-funk, the album also showcases the effect that years of clubbing has had on Mr. Bits. Seymour Bits is one of the many guises of Amsterdam born Bas Bron multi-talented producer/entertainer. His alias Seymour Bits is actually called Seymour Jackson….

School Of Seven Bells – I L U
School of Seven Bells Web

This is the launch of The Plump Dj’s new label called Grand Hotel, a new brand to develop a forward thinking platform for new electronic dance music, their own productions and those of other inspiring artists worldwide
Dirty Super Car- Get A Grip Plump DJs/ Maximilian Remix
Mad Mash Up Beatles vs Kelis vs Plump Djs – The Volcano Coalition

YAY, some Kids At The Bar stuffies for you:
Deluka - Cascade (Kids At The Bar Remix) Mediafire
Deluka - Cascade (Kids At The Bar Remix) zShare
Kids at the Bar MySpce

Fuck the Dj – Disco Damage

The Drums – When I Come Home
The Drums MySpace

Seven Saturdays – The Shallow End (White Sea Remix)
Seven Saturdays MySpace

The Concretes - All Day from friendly fire recordings on Vimeo.

The Concretes – Good Evening

Green Velvet - La La Land (Whis This Re-Fix)
Whis This MySpace

The Drums – We Used To Wait (Arcade Fire Cover)
The Drums MySpace

Abe Vigoda – Throwing Shade (Max Tundra Remix)

YAAAAY, always a pleasure to hear from Melissa, and she has just popped up in my inbox with these delectable’s for YOU, some Fidget Hard Electro:

Loose Cannons & Peo de Pitte - Tom Tom
Loose Cannons & Peo de Pitte - Tom Tom (Will Bailey & Punk Rolla Remix
Loose Cannons & Peo de Pitte - Tom Tom (Ruude Bullit Remix)
Loose Cannons & Peo de Pitte - Tom Tom (Trashcan Dj’s Remix)

Unicycle Loves You – Mountain Lungs

AND finally, from Kinetika Records comes : Taio Cruz – Dynamite (Jad Cooper Japanese Steel Remix)

Ohhhhh, and check out THIS cool blog We are Binary it’s way cool and will be going onto my blogroll of honour shortly, not longly, shortly. Thanks Kim, I like your blog long time.

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