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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tame Impala, The Cloud I'm Under, Bastille, Stereolab, Kisses, Big Boi, 4ROGGIE, iHid

Tame Impala - Lucidity from Modular People on Vimeo.

4ROGGIE have released a new EP called Into The Light, you can purchase it here on Beatport OR you can purchase it here on iTunes

Big Boi – Shutterbug (Sub Swara Remix)

Hauschka – Foreign Landscape
Hauschka - Foreign Landscapes by Hauschkamusic

Kisses – Kisses
Kisses MySpace

Stereolab – Sun Demon
Stereolab MySpace

AND, The Cloud I’m Under have released a NEW Album and he is giving it away to YOU for FREE, what a nice chap!!

How's My Hair Look? is the first full-length LP from The Cloud I'm Under and it's available now as a FREE download. The 14 Song Album borrows from a diverse array of influences including Cyndi Lauper, Lou Reed, Duran Duran, Burial and Elliott Smith. The songs were recorded over the past 2 years and some of them were released online as EPs, singles and one-offs. The best of this was compiled into TCIU first cohesive album statement.

01) TCIU – Still Friends
02) TCIU – Smile Akwardly
03) TCIU – Bonnie and Clyde
04) TCIU – Number 1 Girl
05) TCIU - Girls vs Boys
06) TCIU – Don’t Ever Come Back
07) TCIU – Dim The Lights
08) TCIU – For Just One Night
09) TCIU – Everything’s Great At 22
10) TCIU – Saturdays are better without you
11) TCIU – Get to leavin
12) TCIU – Poison our youth
13) TCIU – Sympathy for the living
14) TCIU – Melting Down
15) TCIU – Bleed
16) TCIU – Evan Dando Hardrive (TCIU Cover)

AND, that’s not ALL folks as if you go HERE you will get the brilliant new EP Dusk Winterman from Bastille

Dusk Winterman is a legendary off road racer who's never lost a race ever. He only races off road. He currently drives a Jeep, which he won, from an African tribe by beating their best racer. That's how you know it’s a damn good car.

Aside from racing Dusk does two things (though they are related to his racing): face wines and gets blow jobs in neutral.

Before every race Dusk face wines: the act of having box wine poured down into your mouth from a distance, ideally a balcony. This makes sure that he's at the perfect level of greatness before he begins his great race.

Face Wine

During the race he's just so far ahead that he just picks up some bitty, throws the car into neutral, and gets a blow job. Not only does he still win the race, but he crosses the finish line in neutral.

Blow Job In Neutral

He is an idol to everybody who has met him, and only races off road.

Lastly it should be noted that Dusk has never crashed and never will crash. Thus he will never turn into a Zombie, only Kavinsky does that.

Dusk Winterman, with his great stash of powers, also has a sidekick Liquid Sparks: a man who goes so fast that the sparks from his tires turn to liquid. Watch out for Liquid Sparks EP coming soon.

COOOOL, so, don’t forget that on Saturday night there is iHid, the exhibition from Genevieve Twoco and I will be playing at Mammas in Greenside on Saturday and Sunday for afternoon shifts. PLUS, my fiend KEREN is here from the UK, yaaaaaay, party monster, party party monster….
I will try get another update later on what’s up this weekend out……New Young Pony Club at Rocking the Gardens and I am not able to go AAAAAARRRRRRGGHHHH

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