Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Hey peeps, I am sorry for not posting for the past few weeks, I have left my job (under close on acrimonious circumstances) and am busy finalizing all my stuff and then I can concentrate on Deconstruction. I will be bck with a MONSTER post before the weekend. It has been an EXTREMELY eventfull few weeks.
Anyhoo, the plushie above is made by my girlfriend Renate who will soon be bringing some of Scarlets Little Friends to you. In the mean time check out Popo.Me we are collaborating with Ke Ai at 70 Juta towards the end of the month.

PLUS speaking of 70 Juta come through this weekend for the LAUNCH of this awesome new spot on the Jozi skyline. I will be playing there on Sunday making some chillness for all of you. AND there will be another launch at the beginning of next month. This is a VERY exciting space whice VERY happy to be a part of.

Tonight I will be playing at Mammas Shebeen from 8pm till around midnight, then tomorrow evening I will be at Kitchener's for Vinyl Thursday as well as on Friday night for a Dubstep set after I play my late afternoon set at Mammas. Saturday afternoon is my usual afternoon chill set at Mammas from 2pm till 8pm. and the Sunday, as mentioned, I will be at 70 Juta for the launch, laying down some more chillness for you all as you peruse the awesomness that is 70 Juta!!

Cool, I will have LOTS of music for you by the end of the week, it has been piling up something cronic.

Okay, you can go about your business now....there will be more from and guts

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