Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Greg Reve, MTWAT, PHNTM, Le Le, Elite Force, Rusko etc etc

Firstly, congratulations to ALL the MK Awards winners and to the nominees who didn't get the nod, but were still in the running. Our industry is getting bigger and bigger and there is more and more awesome independent music coming from all over SA, its AWESOME to see alternatives to Just Jinger and the parlotones etc...

New Greg Reve video!!! He's off to the States (San Francisco) on the 10th April, this AWESOME producer and DJ is SURE to make HUGE inroads there, keep an eye out for him.

New label out from Top Billin member Sharkslayer called My Techno Weighs A Ton or MTWAT for short:

Low Life Inc stalwarts Le Le are back, and they are covering Whitney Houston:

Elite Force's ever expanding gift of AWESOMENESS on RVMPD2 has yet another beat of awesomeness, it's like the gift that KEEPS on giving!!!

Scion A/V is giving away a pair of tickets to EVERY US Skream and Benga show on their upcoming tour! To enter for a chance to win:

1. Read the rules and tour schedule HERE

2. Follow their TWITTER HERE

3. TWEET "@SCIONAV #SkreamBenga [date of show]"

Easy Peasy Pudding Sleezy. Winners will be chosen randomly and will be contacted via Twitter one day BEFORE the concert on HOW to redeem the tickets.
I love BOTH these artists and am GREEN with envy that you bastards are getting to see them!!!

Rusko - Skanker

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