Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Deconstruction First Blog!!!

well, this will be my first blog here!! its a new year and one of my resolutions (those things i never edhere to) was to set up my own blog. I have MySpace and Facebook as well but i wanted to reach a wider audience for my Radio Show. naturally I still have to work out how all of this works, in other words, how does one post shows etc here! i work in technology but i am a technophobe, i love irony!!
My facebook, if anybody is interested is Greg Tucker under the South Africa network, I'd be the one sitting in the chair scowling for all i'm worth (yes, it was 1990 and we were trying to create art, hahahahah) my myspazz profile is (i think that's correct) and on divshare, where i have posted some of my shows etc it's and do a search for Radio Deconstruction. there's about 9 of my older shows there, aint that grand? hahaha, you can hear me talking shot, shit and more shit!!
As to party party, we are working on some awesome new parties in 2008 and i will post here as soon as i have more info. our last lot of parties were awesome, the highlights being the Apart:LOVE party at the Apartheid Museum, who knew that playing disco punk funk electro mayhem at the Apartheid Museum would be such a hit, and who knew that having Electro and Goth bands at a Jazz club would be so much fun for the Malice In Wonderland party at Kippies in Newtown, and who would have credited the disco Safari at the Troyeville Hotel with Johnny Neon and a whole host of the top DJ's in our scene would be so successful and subversive, and naturallt the descent into insanity that was the French Revolution party at the Troyville Hotel........ well, all i can say is that more is to come and i will post more as and when it happens!!!

Notes on my show, well, the first one of the year will be on Monday the 7th Jan at 11pm Johannesburg time, untill 1am 8th Jan, I even have guests, and they would be Riaan from the FANTASTIC Canned Applause Records in Mellville and of course the ever intrepid Colleen, my number 1 listener and one of my favourite people!!!
Anyhoo, as the Canadians say, peace and stuff and here's to more mayhem in 2008!!

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