Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Photography and Travel

One of my favourite things on this EARTH is to travel and also Photography. My wife and I travel as much as we possibly can. We try and go to somewhere exotic at least once a year.
To date we have been to Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Peru, Chile, Madagascar, Australia, The Netherlands, Belgium and Tunisia. Wanda has been to Zanzibar and I have been to the UK. All of this in the space of 10 years. Wanda (my wife) is an awesome Photographer and her speciality is travel photography, especially Black and White photography. Check out her profile on Trekearth, a cool site that specialises in photography from all around the world.

This one was taken at the St Jan Cathedral in s'Hertogenbosch (an awesome town 1 hour outside of Amsterdam). This is the birthplace of Hieronymous Bosch (for all you art boffs). If memory serves me it was built in the 1500's and what I found quite cool was all the Freemasonry iconography all over the Cathedral, including a massive All Seeing Eye on the ceiling.

This is from the unbelievable Avenue of the Baobabs in Madagascar, truly one of the most amazing a pre-historic scenes on Earth. REALLY beautiful.

This photo was taken in Sapa in the north of Vietnam, very close to the Chinese border. We were trekking through the countryside where the Hill Tribe people live accompanied by the H'Mong people and Wanda spotted this kid and a water Buffalo.

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