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Monday, April 14, 2008

Tonights first hour, plus ramblings

I completely forgot my list at home of what I played on my show for tonights broadcast... what a freaking pain:(
There is, however and awesome 45 minutes and 20 seconds mix by Loucas on the second hour, I am busy trying to download that. It's been SUCH a mission to download last weeks shows, that is why they are not up yet, for some reason I keep getting up to a point (ie about 97% done) and then the download fucks out, this is EXTREMELY frustrating as it takes 2 hours or so just to get to that point when it fucks out!!!
Anyway, Loucas has just moved down to Cape Town and is looking for places to DJ at, so if anyone wants to use him as a DJ, go here
On saterday night I played at an old school party, a reunion of old Le Club, Alcatraz, 206, Icon etc DJ's, it was pretty cool, the turnout wasn't bad. It was at this dodgy club called Submission close to Muldersdrift (West of Johannesburg). It was annoying though, the sound dude kept coming over to try fix something (or get the monitors playing) and kept tripping the power on my floor, this meant that I kept having to restart my set which REALLY pissed me off. Firstly the DJ's before were late, I started late and ended my set early (the guy after me pretty much started when he wanted to) and I had the power problems, OTHER THAN THAT, it was fine. Earlier on I had been at a bachelors party so I was feeling a little worse for wear by the time I arrived there (having driven about 10 kilometers past the venue, missing the HUGE sign that said SUBMISSION) I had to sit down and gather myself amongst myself:)
Afterwards I went to the Red Room for a short while to say hello to some fiends. Home at around 1am and then up early on sunday morning for a game of tennis with my brother:) Lifestyles of the rich and shameless.
Sunday during the day (brother dispatched and beaten, hahahahah) Wanda and I then went for a breakfast at tyhe new Cedar Square where we then went to see a very cool movie called "Starter for 10" starring James McAvoy of Last King of Scotland fame. It was a cool movie, we enjoyed it.
Back to my show, I have Bjork - The Sugarcubes, Japan, Sex Gang Children, plus some AWESOME new Boys Noize Remixes I will load the FULL list a bit later (when I am back at home waiting for the electrician to come to our house and fix our fucking lights!!!!
Anyhoo, here is the FIRST hour of the show, I will load the 2nd hour later:)First Hour of Show

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