Monday, April 21, 2008

Tonights Show featuring Love on Rollerskates, new Presets, new Portishead, New Ladytron and New NIN

This Mondays Show:

I debut an AWESOME new song by local indie electro heroes Love on Rollerskates AS WELL AS............... tracks from the NEW PRESETS AND PORTISHEAD ALBUMS as well as a new tracks from Ladytron and Nine Inch Nails!!!!!!!!
Without further ado:
1st Hour of Show
Love on Rollerskates - Marymichael Motorcycle
The Presets - Kicking and Screaming
Ladytron - Black Cats (for Sylvia)
The Kills - Cheap and Cheerful
NIN - Ghosts IV
Justice - Phantom
Feadz - Numanoid
Gang of Four - Damaged Goods
The Birthday Party - Wildworld
Soft Cell - Where was your heart (when you needed it most)
Boys Noize - Lets buy happiness (Proxy Remix)
Soft Cell - Mr Self Destruct
NIN - Mr Self Destruct
The Cure - Another Day (for Wanda)
Jesus and Mary Chain - On the Wall (for Wanda)
2nd Hour of Show
The Presets - Together
Boys Noize - Don't believe the hype (Housemeister Remix)
The Presets - Anywhere
Portishead - Silence
The Kills - Tape Song
Portishead - machine gun
Redflecks - Baby
Sex Gang Children - Who on earth can that be?
Virgin Prunes - Pagan Love Song
Joy Division - Passover
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - Rather Lovely Thing
Portishead - Scorn
Monday Nights 11pm till 1am Johannesburg (South Africa) Time, Channel 169 Audio Bouquet also 1485AM Radio (loadshedding permitting of course)

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