Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday 21st July 2008. Sex Pistols, Prototypes, Eclier, CSS, Old School Reunion, Birthday Party...

1st Hour of Show

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Aint Gonna Rain Anymore
Nick's feeling lonely and it aint gonna rain anymore, apparently, this is from the brilliant Let Love In album
Birthday Party – Fears of Gun
What do you get when you put 4 Australians in London, give them copious amounts of alcohol and narcotics. Let them stay in grimey bedsits struggling to get by and blow up all their previous misconceptions about a country? Well, you get the Birthday Party, and they were ANGRY, and we love them so...
The Horrors – She is the new thing
This is a watered down Birthday Party for a new generation, pretty cool none the less. I think its time for a new album boys..
Eclier – Boxon Say Hello (Redial Rmx)
Russian Electro remixed by an Aussie from Sydney
Crystal Castles – Crimewave (Crystal Castles vs Health)
From the latest album, Canadas new rising Electronic remix superstars with a Crimewave
FutureFlashs - Touch (QC Rmx)
FutureFlashs new Project was born in Autumn 2007. The DJ, known as Niko de Vries from Hamburg/ Germany who played with such Names as Boys Noize and Fedde le Grand thought the Time has come to support a new Style of Sound after he found the French Collective "Valerie" and such great Artists like Futurecop!, Cryptonites, Moulinex, Danger, Russ Chimes, Minitel Rose, GRUM and SymbolOne on MySpace, who produce a real new Future Sound. FutureFlashs decided to support this Sound, created the Name "Future Disco" and started the Mixtape Project "Future Disco Sound". Since his first Project there is huge Support from many great Online Blogs and Magazines around the World and until Autumn more than 50.000 People supported the latest Mix Sessions (from the MySpace page, read more at the link above)
Riton – Take Control
Newcastles Riton from the first album Beats du Jour
Mystery Jets – 2 Doors Down (Plimsouls Rmx)
"I think I'm in love with....." Wicked remix of the Mystery Jets by the Plimsouls
Prototypes – Dans Sur La Merde (Doperwerewolf Remix)
French Electro Pop 3 member group from Paris.
Hostage vs Herve vs NYPC vs Michael Jackson – Snake Ice Cream (Edu K Mash Up)
MAD mash up by Edu K
CSS – Left Behind (Midnight Juggernauts RMX)
From the new album, this has been given the reconstructed Juggernaut
Hot Chip – Ready for the Floor (Shake a Fist Diplo Rmx)
Diplo's mix is superb, certain to make you ready for the floor
The Ting Tings – Shut up and let me go
This band is exploding everywhere, I can't turn on the television or radio without seeing or hearing them. Not bad for a band doing it on their own terms
2nd Hour of Show
The Sex Pistols – Road Runner
From the Great Rock n Roll Swindle. Malcolm McLaren's "social experiment", its still being felt today, however, the "punk" of today compared to what it was when it first made its fetid way onto an unsuspecting world are complete polar opposites.
Love is All – Ageing had never been his friend
Gotthenburgs coolest Indie export
MGMT – Weekend Wars
Psychedelic Synthpop from the latest album. One of those albums that grow on you. I am still making my mind up about these New York natives. Cool song though
controller.controller – The Raw No
Sadly this Toronto Band is no more, they were a force of nature and this is for me their finest moment
White Rose Movement – Testcard Girl
Named after the English Anti-Nazi resistance movement set up during the 2nd world war. Also time for some new music guys!!!!
Nocturnal Emissions – No Seperation
From an awesome set of Albums called Funky Alternatives. They were forerunners to current Electro with an Industrial feel to them. There is a Best of Funky Alternatives floating around on Cleopatra records check it out here"
Old School Reunion – 7 Fires
My new favourite remixers. Last week I played the Metallica remix they did, this is them, STORMING
Simian Mobile Disco – Piggy In the Middle (Punks Jump Up Mix)
Please can someone let me know if its a Trent Reznor sample they use?? SMD at their usual awesome best
Les Rhythmes Digitales – Sometimes (Computer Clubs Front Room Edit)
New Jearseys Electro stomper
Cut /// Copy – Out there on the ice
Cut///Copy are doing exceptionally well with their new album, and here is one of the reasons they are.
The Presets – Are You The One? Lifelikes 1 Serious rmx)
Seriously cool remix of their classic track from their first album
Depeche Mode - Halo
From the Classic Violator album. Genius
Yazoo – Situation (US 12” Mix)
SO glad they have reformed. This is from the first album, Upstairs at Erics
fad gadget – collapsing new people

Frank Tovey in all his glory and pomp. The man was a genius. SO FAR ahead of his time

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