Friday, July 4, 2008

Musings on Ian Curtis's tombstone and two French exchange students

Some sad assed deranged probably Goth-wannabee has run off with Ian Curtis's headstone from his grave! REALLY ludicrous really! That is such an 80's thing to do, and even then it was a lame thing to do. I would tell the person to return it but the likelihood of that person being able to read this is negligible, so..... anyway, read on...

world entertainment news -

Former Joy Division drummer Stephen Morris has spoken of his upset after robbers targeted the grave of his late bandmate Ian Curtis.

The tragic singer committed suicide in 1980 and was laid to rest in Macclesfield, Cheshire in north west England.

But now his grave has now been desecrated by thieves who have stolen the headstone.

And Morris has slammed the macabre act - insisting everyone who knew the late frontman is devastated by the news.

He says, "I just don't understand why anyone would do it. You couldn't sell it on eBay - it's ridiculous and very upsetting.

"There had been the films (2007's Control movie and this year's eponymous documentary) so maybe someone thought they could cash in… or maybe it's someone who is a bit deranged - you'd have to be.

"I'm speechless. It really is not a very nice thing at all."

In further news, the pointless murder of the two French exchange students is horrifying, it even one-ups Mr Fritzl and his bunker, and that takes some serious doing. Who stabs someone 243 times, 80 times AFTER the person is allready dead?? Clearly a complete and utter lunatic. The amount of knife crime and senseless murders happening in London at the moment is insane. It rivals (almost) the kind of shit we have here in South Africa, and we have some pretty scary shit happening here on a day to day basis!!
To the friends and families of the two people senselessly murdered, my most heartfelt and sincerest condolences, I can only hope that the crazy fucker is bought to justice sooner rather than later!!
Man Charged

Completely off the subject, I have spent many a frustrating hour trying to upload the second hour of my show from monday but the internet God's are conspiring against me. I shall persevere over the weekend!

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