Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Information Design: Next Exhibition 22nd to 31st October Pretoria University

The fourth year, Information Design class, of the University of Pretoria take great pleasure in announcing the annual Information Design exhibition. This year's exhibition is entitled: "Information Design: Next Exhibition".

The exhibition will be held on 22nd October and invites everyone to come and experience the Information Design course offered at the University of Pretoria. The exhibition will run for a week and exhibit work from 2008, produced by students from all four years of the Information Design course.

An industry night is scheduled and we therefore request any interested members of various design professions to please contact Sidhika Sooklal on:
083 763 4226 or sidhika.sooklal@gmail.com.
Featuring work by: Sylvia McKeown (soon to be contributer to this blog), Meghan Alberts, Jano Booysen, Maretha Kruger, Maria Lebedeva, Sidhika Sooklal, Marno Kirstein, Nina Rust plus many others.
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caryn said...

ooolala :)going to be a kewl exhibition !