Friday, October 3, 2008

The Last Two Weeks Shows

Please note that there are NO songs shared here, this is from my Radio Show.
Should anyone want me to remove anything or if it infringes on your rights please contact me on my email address stipulated to the Left and let me know, don't just take the freaking thing down, a lot of work goes into this, contact me, FUCK!!!

1st Hour Of Show

Kill the Noise - Kill the Noise - 'Hey You' [Sponsored]
LazrTag - LAzrTag - 'Work is Play' [Sponsored]
Mark Maxwell - Mark Maxwell - 'Never Forever' [Sponsored]
The Killers – Human

22 September 2008

Howling Bells – How Happening (Presets Mix)
Very cool track mixed by The Presets, they haven't done much to it but its wicked none the less for this Sydney based band about to explode
The Faint – The Geeks Were Right (Does It Offend You, Yeah? Remix)
Speaking of wicked remixes, this one by the DIOYY crew is mad and worthy of worship
The Faint – The Passives
From the album Blank Wave Arcade, absolute heaven. A BIG nod towards Depeche Mode
Syntonics + TT – Droppin the Bomb
Slamming track from Syntonics, what we expected, they don't disappoint
Stereo Heroes – Moon Knight (bsbtrgd club remix)
Batman woooooooo, hard n fast, meaty beaty big n bouncy
Crystal Castles vs Health – Crimewave (Keith Remix)
TAkes the original and improves, a rarity, but still a possibility
Yello – Oh Yeah (Mike Genius Rmx)
Classic track from the 80's given Genius attention, enjoy
Daft Punk – Technologic (Vitalic Remix)
French on French craziness
LCD Soundsystem – Tribulations (Tiga’s out of the trance closet mix)
Tranced out mix from Canada's Tiga on LCD Soundsystem
The Presets – Talk Like That (CFCF Remix)
Chilled out house groove version of Talk Like That, bliss
Simple Minds – Premonition
Simple Minds at their menacing best from when they were experimental and dark
Ted & Francis – I Wish I was a Polar Bear
SOOOOO cool, allthough I don't think anyone wants to be a Polar Bear now, Global Warming is putting paid to yet another magnificent creature!!
Thompson Twins – Beach Culture
A B-Side from the Quick Step and Sidekick days, awesome slice of 80's pop
Second Hour: Sylvia’s Chelsea Beat (I Hate My Thesis Mix)
2nd Hour of Show
This is Sylvia's first ever mix, she did this for when she was doing her Thesis at Uni, this is what kept her sane during the late nights of study. She will soon be a contributor to this blog, yay

Egotronic – Raven Gegen Deutschland (Frittenbude Indiefresse Rmx)
The coolest and most slammingest remix of Germany's Egotronic. Has had me excited to be in traffic the entire week, turn up the volume and groove
Broken Cycle – FreaXXX
MAD electro track courtesy of Trash Yourself's MySpace page
The Raveonettes – Lust (Trentemoller Remix)
Trentemoller giving out Danish love to a fellow Danish band
Amadou & Mariam – Sabali
Malian band, world music with indie-house pop sensibilities, produced by Damon Albarn no less, one to watch

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Emm said...

You've piqued my curiousity! What happened and who took stuff down? I guess I'm (being nosy) wondering about the how of it - are you uploading to your own web space? I stopped uploading my mix because I was worried someone would try close my web space down and I can't lose everything on there.