Friday, July 10, 2009

My Toys Like Me - Sweetheart, Val Venosta

This snuck into my mailbox last night whilst I was dj'ing, it's lovely:

My Toys Like Me have let loose this remix of 'Sweetheart', a track from their new album 'Where We Are'; remixed by Trevor Lovey. Grab the track and see what you think!

Download here: My Toys Like Me - Sweetheart (Trevor Lovey Remix)
My Toys Like Me MySpazz
Cool review of My Toys Like Me

and then I received this friendly little mail containing this summery disco number from Sweden:

as we say in Sweden "Liten tuva stjälper ofta stora lass", which means that in the summer you can't just sit in your room and play with you synthesizers!

So we, Val Venosta, decide it was time to embrace our few days of sun here and create a more summerish song.
So check out "Peace and quiet is for libraries!" at our myspace, as well as the video.

Our first video with monkey kids on bicycles. Isn't that something!

Link to mp3: Val Venosta - Peace and quiet is for libraries

Link to video: Video

One, two, three! Four, five, six! Seven, eight, nine, ten!

/Pär & Erik of Val Venosta

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