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Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Moby, MGMT, 3Oh!3, Class Actress, Vivian Girls, Yeasayer, m83

Purely RCRD LBL, we LOVE RCRD LBL, they are THE shit:

Mistake (Lifelike Remix)
Frenchie-of-the-moment Lifelike took his hand to album standout “Mistake,” begetting the Human Leaguest song we have ever heard from a dude who wears Black Flag shirts. And, if you were wondering, that is Moby singing.
Moby - Mistake (Lifelike Remix)
Moby Web
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Pitchfork Festival
We Own the Sky (Maps Mix)
“We Own The Sky” has us fantasizing. That staccato blink, that planetarium spring, that slip and slide chorus—man we hope Pitchfork sets up an enormous dome where he’ll shoegaze on Sunday under the cover of celestial explosions, star belts and chocolate milk fountains.
Pitchfork Festival: M83 – We Own the Sky (Maps Mix)
m83 MySpazz , , m83 Web

Pitchfork Festival
Final Path
This far-out version of “Final Path” has all the percussive rumble and mushroom twang we’ve come to know and love from Yeasayer, but more, it hints at what it’s like to witness them live. Which is to say, guttural, crop circle emanations that border on religious.
Pitchfork Festival: Yeasayer - Final Path
yeasayer MySpazz

Vivian Girls
When I’m Gone
Vivian Girls know exactly how to treat punk rock—like a doddery auld fud fresh for a tease, long legs and celestial harmonies resparking something desperate and latent in punk’s gut and groin. “When I’m Gone” is an incredible flirt; it flirts with everything, with punk, with lo-fi and with surf and rockabilly.
Vivian Girls - When I’m Gone Vivian Girls Web
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Class Actress
Careful What You Say
“Careful What You Say” gets its kicks from ballooning square waves much like Chairlift, only instead of grabbing for the hook Class Actress are content to float amongst their own self-created fog.
Class Actress - Careful What You Say
Class Actress Web

“Destrokk,” from MGMT’s recently remastered Time To Pretend EP, is proof that before they were gallivanting around the world as festival headliners, they were just two students from Wesleyan University with huge boners for the eminently excellent proto-electro group Suicide.
MGMT - Destrokk
Other MGMT Music: MGMT - Electric Feel (Justice Remix) STREAM

Don’t Trust Me (Remix feat. Kid Cudi)
We ride for our dude Kid Cudi and while we may not agree with the general sentiment of this song, it’s worth downloading for his verse alone.
3OH!3 - Don’t Trust Me (Remix feat. Kid Cudi)
3oh3 MySpazz

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