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Friday, December 4, 2009

The Japanese Popstars, 720 Bass artists, Violca, Tori Amos, Crystal Fighters, Boris, Count & Sinden, Futureheads, Ben Rymer

Sean from Gung-Ho Records sent me this for all of you in the spirit of the season:
The Japanese Popstars - Eat Christmas

And then check this podcast out from 720 Bass and Dom Almond Pirate Radio as well as
Troublegum Numan

From Kinetika Records comes THIS mixtape from Violca
Violca Empire EP on Beatport

Watch more AOL Music videos on AOL Video

Of course, what would any ting of mine be without RCRD LBL:

Crystal Fighters
I Love London (Qoso Remix)
In celebration of the full “I Love London” single release today on Kitsuné, we have a Crystal Fighters exclusive to gift. Qoso—Fool House’s newest tropical child—tweaks the Spanish ravers into a hardcore-esque, spacevoid edit, heavy on the bounce and strobe.
Crystal Fighters - I Love London (Qoso Remix)
Crystal Fighters MySpace

Buzz In (Todd Edwards Remix)
Todd Edwards is something of a regaled figure in dance music. The New Jersey house legend (and one-time Daft Punk collaborator) is playing Flashing Lights in New York this Friday alongside Kingdom and residents Nick Catchdubs, DJ Ayres, and Jubilee. As a bit of a preview, below is a recent remix of his for Scion A/V.
Boris - Buzz In (Todd Edwards Remix)
Boris MySpace

The Count & Sinden
Strange Things (R1 Ryders Funkitek Refix)
The sound of cracking knuckles and banging skulls, this refix of The Count & Sinden’s “Strange Things” aims for funky house but still ends up scaring all the ladies away. Dubstep like this exists in too thick a red mist to be swayed from its personal vendetta against calm, peace, and reason.
The Count & Sinden - Strange Things (R1 Ryders Funkitek Refix)
The Count & Sinden Web

The Futureheads
Struck Dumb
So, The Futureheads got an octave pedal. That’s the lizardy twang you’re hearing. Other than that, not much has changed since last year’s exultant and ass-kicking, This Is Not The World—they still sound like the anointed child of Wire and the Jam.
The Futureheads - Struck Dumb
The Futureheads Web

Ben Rymer
La Trinciarice (Main Mix)
Like seemingly so many other grizzled DJ booth vets, Ben Rymer has never put out a record under his own name. Or rather, hadn’t. The just released vinyl for “La Trinciarice”—which translates to “The Shredder,” but in no way lines up with the softened Italo rays he’s let into this one—finally jettisons the former Fat Truckers and Gucci Soundsystem man into the realm of proper solo artistry.
Ben Rymer - La Trinciarice (Main Mix)
Ben Rymer Web

So, I spoke to my father today for the first time in 8 years, it was weird. Lifes too short to hold onto negative shit, we must move beyond and above it or else it all just drags you down and becomes an excuse for your future failures. Break free of the shit and you can achieve what you want to achieve. Well, I will be at Kitcheners on saturday night playing an early Dubstep set and then probably go home, I have a bad chest infection, so I should probably stay at home on my meds!
K, peeps, have an awesome weekend.......