Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Like, SMD, Deux Helix, Kids at the Bar, Le Savy Fav, Herve

SOOOO, I received a whole lot of cool tracks in my inbox immediately after I completed the last blog so I thought, rather than sit on them and give you another monster post, let me do them now so that you can get your hands on them now, it's only because I love all of you so much, and I am such a fantastic bloke!!
Turns out though that it IS a monster post, but mostly because of the monstrously awesome youtube clips!!
Me, I am going to try and let go and see where that takes me...too much negativity around me at the moment....
SOOO, without further ado:

YAY, some Herve tracks in celebration of his "Best of" and "Cheap Thrills Vol.1" albums he has given away two tracks:
Herve – Rainstick
Herve – Under the Sun

Deux Helix sent me this wicked new remix of SMD:
Simian Mobile Disco - Ambulance (Deux Helix Remix)

Simian Mobile Disco - Ambulance (Deux Helix Remix)
Deux Helix
Deux Helix MySpazz

NEW Kids At The Bar mix, yay:
Le Savy Fav - The Slip (Kids At The Bar Remix)
Le Savy Fav - The Slip (Kids At The Bar Remix)

Tour Dates for Kids at The Bar:
June 18 - Lincoln, NE (Fat Toad)
June 19 - Omaha, NE (Blue Lounge)
June 24 - Boston, MA (Harpers Ferry)
June 26 - Brooklyn, NY (Public Assembly)
July 2 - Minneapolis, MN (Kitty Cat Club)
July 3 - Chicago, IL (Beauty Bar)
July 13 - Los Angeles, CA (Dance)
July 15 - Houston, TX
July 23 - Springfield, MO (Outland Ballroom)
July 24 - St. Louis, MO (The Gramophone)
July 26 - Orlando, FL (Back booth)

The Like - Release Me (Bygones Remix)
The Like MySpazz

I went trawling through EPIC WIN and picked these brilliant clips, SOOOOO cool:


Office wars

The Great Office War from Runawaybox on Vimeo.


She blinded me with Science:

WOW, fucking genius….sheep…ummm:

Still sitting here gobsmacked:

The world is Pixelated:

May the 4th Be With You

One for all you Trekkies out there:

Beware the Snake:

AND, don't forget to go to Vixxen Magazine to check out their wicked brilliant new issue out NOW!!!

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