Thursday, May 5, 2011

DESTRUKTO, YUMMY KE AI, Symbiote, Gosteffects, FREE ANTON HAMMERL, and other awesome stuff

Didn't take long did it?
Just Banana - Oussama is Dead (Enfoiré de fils de pute) FREE DL !!

PLUS check out my fiends Symbiote on their Soundcloud page,, I especially love the track Im Fly check it here

Then check here and sign up for The Back Lot, Faker are giving away old tracks of theirs every three days whilst they release their new material

PLUS, from Kinetica comes this banger: Jad Cooper vs Audio KoDe - The Future

Slap In The Bass - Egypt from No Brainer Records on Vimeo.

Check out: Various Cruelties if you are in the UK at the moment.

7th : Oxford, the Cellar
10th : London, The Old Blue Last sup Jonquil (org by Live Abbey Rd)
13th : Brighton Great Escape
21st : Southampton, Lennons
28th : Bristol, Dot to Dot Festival
29th : Nottingham, Dot to Dot
30th : Manchester, Dot to Dot

THE BREAKS from planningtorock on Vimeo.

OOOOOOOHHHHH, listen to this (right click and save as) but AMANDA PALMER has gotten together with her hubby, Neil (uber-god) Gaiman, Ben Folds and OK Go!'s Damian Kulash….. oooooooooh
One Tiny Thing

Xuman are giving away their album called Golden Age

Thanks James for the heads up on this new UK band The Savage Nomads, definitely one to watch, this is the video for their debut single The Magic Eye

What The Angel Said - The Savage Nomads by Alaska Sounds

COOL, and THEN, my good fiend JOHN BOURKE, yes, he of Trash Yourself! (who have some new music coming as well) has started a solo project called Gosteffects and it's WAY cool, I recently got it featured for him on the Free Anton Hammerl podcast aired on the 1st of May to help get awareness internationally for the journalists being held in Libya, one of which,Anton Hammerl is a close personal friend of a few of my oldest friers, so it is close to home. John VERY kindly agreed to donate one of his tracks to them for this excellent cause which is a true measure of the man , namely John. You can expect big things from this project as John is one TALENTED muthaphunka!!!! So too is Anton Hammerl and his companions whom are being illegally kept captive in Libya by that cunt gaddafi!!! OH, how I'd love to fuck that arrogant megalomaniac up, 5 minutes alone in a room with him!!!!! The arsehole has not even allowed him to phone his wife...which is the measure of THAT "man"-pig despot murderer!!!!! FUCK YOU GADAFFI you can come over to my house ANYTIME, come alone, I will SHOW you what pain is!!!

RIGHT, this weekend I am playing with the Cyberpunkers again, I am SUPER psyched and amped and stuff. I am playing immediately after Cyberpunkers and have some AWESOME stuff to play, so do NOT leave if you want to dance till your heart gives out.
We are playing at Capitol Theatre in Pretoria this Saturday: Cyberpunkers FK THE SYSTEM Tour, I am playing alongside the returning all Europe Conquering DOUBLE-ADAPTER. They have just returned and they were insane, check out the promo for their up and coming tour doccie on MK as shot by the uber-talented Stones:

So proud of them:)!!!
FIRSTLY, Cyberpunkers are playing in Cape Town this Friday: at The fantastic Assembly

Tonight I am at The Place Formerly Known As Bob Rocks for ARTFAG tonight it's with Casioheart, should be awesome!!

Renate and her newly dyed pink hair and Herman and his newly dyed blue hair have landed safely in China, woo, cannot wait to see what she brings back and I think she will have an absolutely AWESOME time, she's on a buying trip for her shop Ke Ai and she has opened up a second store next to my new record store Aware at the ever expanding and cool 70Juta Street precinct, it's called YUMMY KE AI

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