Tuesday, April 19, 2011

DIGITALISM, Liver, Holy Ghost! etc

A short one for you today, got excited about the new Digitalism, it's been way too long, I do, however hope that it's a lot better than this track, it's okay, not bad but I want more...it will be difficult to follow up their last album...

oooooh, Digitalism are giving away a free single from their upcoming album:
Digitalism - 2 Hearts

Upcoming Cape Town Dj who has recently moved up to Joburg Liver has an oldish one for you and a new one for you, head to his Facebook page and give him love
Liver - Whisper
Liver - Doubtless

Homework - I'm Into This from exploited records on Vimeo.

AWARE is open PLUS we have some awesomeness coming up towards the end of the year from us at DECONSTRUCTION, be excited, be VERY excited...things are exploding behind the scenes, we can barely contain ourselves....

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