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Monday, April 18, 2011

AWARE, new music, plus my doings and movements

I am filled with awe, gratitude and humility at how well we were supported at AWARE on saturday for our opening on World Record Store Day, it was truly spectacular. We made a great deal of very cool people very happy, I actually teared up at one point.
It was great to see so many people so excited about so much awesome vinyl and CD's PLUS we managed to sell quite a few local indie bands such as The Frown, Tale of The Son and Cutout Collective. We have a TUMBLR account where you can keep up to date with the general awesomeness.
We have new goodies coming in this week, and I mean GOODIES, AND said goodies are on Vinyl…TV on The Radio, Grinderman, ULTERIOR etc etc etc…
Speaking of Grinderman, check THESE babies out…EVIL….nice

PLUS, I will be here on Tuesday night for SUICIDE TUESDAY, I must warn you, I am feeling all dubsteppy!! Then at the same place for ARTFAG on Thursday, plus I am probably playing at KITCHENERS for a One Night Stands gig.
PLUS, I am SOOOOOO excited to be playing with CYBERPUNKERS again at THIS event in Pretoria at The Capitol Theatre on the 7th May…
Getting VERY excited, PLUS, don't forget to catch the ADAPT or DIE tour of Double-Adapter if you are in Europe…they are doing a doccie for it

PLUS, my fiend Martin is on Cellardoor Radio tonight here between 5pm and 8pm Central African Time

RIGHT, here's some awesome new free music for you because we at DECONSTRUCTION and AWARE love you, please feel fee to love us back by coming back to our lovely store and give us some love back, you'll be so glad you did...

Big Scary - Autumn
 “An obvious comparison that comes to mind would be Jeff Buckley fronting the White Stripes (and indeed they’ve been described as such), but that undersells both parties. Syme is a far better drummer than Meg White and Tom Iansek’s vocals contain an intimacy that Buckley’s showboating falsetto occasi
onally obscured.” - Beat Maga
Check their video for Tuesday Is Rent Dayine 
Big Scary Net
Melbourne two-piece with a chick drummer….grrrrr, me likey

Little and Ashley Thousand - Falling Stars EP
Little and Ashley Net

Java Guidi - A D D I C T E D (Seiith vs Don Summer RMX) from DSQT on Vimeo.

The Java Guidi - The Addicted (The Bombjack Remix)

The Gift - Made For You (right click, save as)

Thanks Sean from Gung-Ho for this, its way cool
The Rialto Burns are offering two new remixes of their fantastic new EP called For The Asking. Go here and the last two tracks are their gift to you, coz they love you as I love you

"After last summer’s lo-fi debut ‘Radiate,’ The Rialto Burns release the ‘For The Asking’ EP on 28 March 2011 - an energetic 10 tracker full of cavernous, dark moments, electrical soaring highs, and some dirty edges. “Love, loss, hope and salvation – we’re trailing through ‘em all,” says Adam…." more can be found on the souncloud page.
The Rialto Burns MySpace

Thank you and goodnight...

OOOOOHHHHHHH, I forgot: the INSANELY talented Jacob Israel is giving away his brilliant new Album away for free...go here for a free copy of BIRTHRIGHT, now you do NOT get ANY cooler than that...
*tears up and has a manly cry*

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