Monday, April 4, 2011


I am sorry that it's been a while but I will get back to my blog as soon as possible. I have been very busy with a variety of projects to secure a lucrative future for myself.

In the mean time, our my good friends Tim Apter Max Lehr, Eve Rakow of THE FROWN have recently released their debut EP called äˈ-mĕn and it's fantastic!!
here is a teaser of the EP.

The Frown - Amen (teaser) from Mustard Post Production on Vimeo.

Their upcoming gigs for the next week:
4th April - Wolves: special acoustic versus electric EP set with several guest artists! |
6th April - Kitcheners: with Olinosterfant (CT) |
9th April - We Are Animals SPECIAL EDITION at Town Hall / The Woods with Taxi Violence, Desmond and the Tutus, Double Adapter and Destrukto!
Check out the interview I did with Eve in last months VIXXEN magazine (the latest EDITION is out, check it)

The Frown - Before the Sun Sets from russell grant on Vimeo.

PLUS, my insanely talented good friends Tim and Dan Apter of Double-Adapter are going on their European tour leaving next week!!
Check out their latest interview HERE

Here is a link to their ADAPT OR DIE tour, they will be hitting Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic. They Predict a RIOT wherever they play. I am MIGHTILY proud of them!! (ps, I too will be playing at this last event)

THIS is where they will be playing in Italy and you can check out their mixtape of what can be expected when they play their!

Closer to home, Eve and I are doing a twice weekly night at THE PLACE PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS BOB ROCKS in Greenside, tuesday and thursday nights you can find myself and guests making noise there until the early hours of the morning.
It's a return to the underground for an area that is being inundated with the popped collar and square toe brigade with a penchant for green and gold shirts and too much brandy. It's time to take back the streets, the ears and the minds of the public, and if you are not careful, we will take over your souls too.

AND I CANNOT WAIT to be making noize at WE ARE ANIMALS this weekend at THE WOODS and TOWN HALL, if it's ANYTHING as epic and insane as DESIGNER DRUGS whch was insane. We were still on the dancefloor at 4:15am when the music was stopped and the lights came on, an insanely awesome night was had by all! Joburg DOES know how to party!!

There will be a music related post up as soon as possible as true to form there has been a huge amount of music stacking up in my inbox and I need to sift through it all to share with you. There's a large amount so it will take a while, I promise to have it done as quickly as I can but it is a huge task.
I love you all
and carrots

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