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Thursday, April 14, 2011


Things have been EXTREMELY busy behind the scenes here at DECOSNTRUCTION and this is the first of many very exciting things about to happen in Braamfontein and around the city, SOOOOOOO without FURTHER ado:



#5 70 Juta Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 2001 Johannesburg, South Africa Hours
Mon - Fri: 10:00 - 16:00
Sat: 10:00 - 14:00
Making you think about what you want to LISTEN to
Aware is an aural experience, that stocks INDEPENDENT and ALTERNATIVE music in the broadest sense. Our focus is in supplying vinyl LP's, digital forms and compact disc. We strive to make as many other formats of music available and accessible to you. We do focus mainly on re-invigourating Vinyl LP's, but want you to get your ears on the music, so we will have as many options available as possible.

We are opening the space up with a "pop-up" store for the first few weeks, mainly to celebrate World Record Store Day (Saturday 16th April 2011 - 10am to 2pm), by providing a large stock of 2nd hand CD's and LP's. New stock will also be on sale.

Destrukto and Tenrapid will be playing music from Vinyl live for you during the day and all our 2nd hand, and some Brand New Stock will be available.

* Tale of the Son - " " (R110)
* Cutout Collective - Eponymous EP (R70)
* The Frown - äˈ-mĕn EP (Rxx)
* Sticky Antlers - Sticky Antlers Debut Album (R75)
* The Black Hotels - Films for the Next Century (R153)
* Swivel Foot - The Last Round EP (R70)
* Jaco en Z-Dog - Goud Werd EP (R95)

as well as:

and some 2nd hand gems just unpacked and ready for your turntables:

Our operating hours are from
10:00am to 16:00pm Monday to Friday, and
10:00am to 14:00pm Saturday

PLUS we are selling THESE shirts from the AWESOME Double Adapter who left for their EUROPEAN TOUR yesterday, check it:

PLUS, my upcoming gigs, my usual standard fare of insanity at The Place Previously Known As Bob Rocks, tonight being ARTFAG with the lovely That Grl Dj.
PLUS Suicide Tuesdays at Bob Rocks every Tuesday, rapidly becoming the place one regrets going to the morning after, but they STILL keep coming back for more.
I am SUPER excited to be playing with the CYBERPUNKERS again at: DOGBOX & Havana Club Rum present CYBERPUNKERS (Italy) @ Capitol Theater the last party I played at with them was insane.

PLUS, I have started a Facebook Fanpage for myself, go to Destrukto go like me if ya want, I am starting to venture into doing my own remixes and stuff.

In celebration of said opening, here's some free MP3's for you, not a lot but some and I PROMISE to get the rest done ASAP:


Thank you the lovely Melissa:
Mochipet - Whomp-a-saurus-sex

DFA Radiomixes
Radio Mix #14 - Tracklisting
  1. Intro
  2. Afrika - Afrika (GRAZ edit) 
  3. The Beatrabauken - Puppet Disco 
  4. Neighbour - What I Say
  5. 40 Thieves - Breakin up
  6. Discodeine - Singular (Feat. Matias Aguayo)
  7. Ed Wizard & Disco Dee - So Damn Fine
  8. Flight Facilities - Feelin
  9. Marbeya - Paseo Por Dhoa
10. LL Ton J - Roger More (Phonat Re-Edit)
11. Enzo Siffredi - Come Together
12. Colors Sound System - Yeah Mate I Hate ( Manuel Sahagun Remix)
13. Holy Ghost - Wait & See (Flight Facilities Remix)
14. Dondolo - Dragon (Shit Robot Firebreathing' Remix) 
15. Don Don - King Of The Stars (Two Fresh Mix) 
16. Only Freak Feat. Raslyah - Can't Get Away (Solid Groove Remix)
17. James Curd - Guide Me
18. Outro
19. Poolside - Do You Believe (James Curd Remix)
20. Outro Outro

Planning To Rock - Doorway (Creep Mix)

KRS1 - Sound of Da Police (Felix Luker Revamp)

Audio Kode Sound Movement Mixtape

Pance Party Rainbow Road EP it is free but you can donate some Dorrar if you so feel (something I do suggest)

WOLFRAM ft. HERCULES & LOVE AFFAIR - FIREWORKS from wolfram amadeus on Vimeo.

This Will Destroy You - Black Dunes

Xuman - Side By Side

Xuman - Side By Side

Eliot Lipp - Yeah (Big Gigantic Remix)

Is Tropical - The Greeks

Some stuff from James Parish. The Savage Nomads:

Musically difficult to pin down, in an early live review the band were described by Mojo as playing “angular psych-flavoured post-punk commentaries with disarming confidence” and that’s as close a description as any. They also sent a copy of their self-released EP last year to The Independent and made their Barometer feature in the process.
The band release their debut single proper, “The Magic Eye”, on May 16th via new London independent label Alaska Sounds and it will be first single released from their upcoming debut album “Coloured Clutter”, expected end of June / July. Both single and album have been mixed by Mike Crossley (Foals, Arctic Monkeys).

A Statement
What the Angel Said
The Magic Eye

The Shivers - Used To Be

Jargon V.A Ft Tinie Tempah - Disappoint You
Jargon V.A Ft Tinie Tempah - Disappoint You (High Rankin Remix)

Jonah K - Odins Beard

The Love Theme - Boogaloo - Jonah K Remix

Tommy Trash - The End EP

I'm Not A Band - Trainthoughts

HeavyFeet vs Raze - All I Want

PEEPS, give some love to my fiend RUBIX
RUBIX That Rhythm EP
CONGOROCK „I like Soul Train“
ANNIE MAC „Thanks for this it's great“
ROUND TABLE KNIGHTS (Marc) „Cool Ep. big party tunes, my favourite is soul train!“, (Christoph) „Dope EP! Tobacco Man for me“
DIGITALISM „Oldschooollll Dj Sneak style“
SOLO „Fun!! I ll play all the songs!!“
LA RIOTS „Perfect for Miami! Solid EP.. Three great cuts!
DCUP „ 1000% awesome R
I Dropped Tobacco Man at We Are Animals this past weekend and the crowd bounced as one

AND LAST but by NO MEANS LEAST, my favorite Dubsteppah Mr George Lenton
George Lenton - Paper Crow's (GL REMIX)
It's been a while George, thank you, we love you!!

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