Monday, July 4, 2011

MonoDestrukt Remix The Frown, plus LOTS of new music

Early Winters - 4th of July

Left Boy - Jack Sparrow

and here's the video:

Darwin Deez - Radar Detector (Thee Loving Hands Remix)

Don Rimini - G.O.O.D. (BeatauCue Remix)
Don Rimini -
whatever (His Majesty Andre Remix)

The Grownup Noise - The Artist Type (Right Click Save As et al)

DIDI 009 Oyster Orange Muse Raw Mix by Digital Disco

DIDI 009 Oyster Orange Muse John Selway Refined Remix by Digital Disco

DIDI 009 Oyster Orange Muse Honey Dijon and Sebastian Manuel Remix by Digital Disco

Art vs Science - Magic Fountain (Thieves of Aon New Wave Acid Remix)

33Hz - Under The Sun - Prins Thomas Diskomiks by Low Life Inc

33Hz - Under The Sun by Low Life Inc

The Shivers - More FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD (Limited Time ONLY, HURRY)

Acclaimed singer, songwriter and actress, Grace Jones was a fixture on the international club scene and was often seen at New York City’s famed nightclub Studio 54. She also became a muse to Andy Warhol who photographed her extensively and created a series of iconic portraits of her. Now, Grace Jones is preparing to release Hurricane, a new album of original material, in the U.S. on September 6 via [PIAS] America. Produced by Jones and Ivor Guest, Hurricane has received widespread praise in the U.K. and Europe where it was released in 2009. The tracks “Williams’ Blood” and “Corporate Cannibal” have emerged as hits as has the video for “Corporate Cannibal” directed by Nick Hooker. The release will also include a brand new bonus disc dub version of the entire album.
Grace Jones - Sunset Sunrise

YouTube is good for a lot of things--especially cat videos. They Might be Giants have a different kind of video in mind. We are having a contest for our song “Can't Keep Johnny Down”. TMBG is inviting creative visual people to make a stylish, smart rock video for the song. It can be live action, motion graphics, animation, stop motion. It can be people jumping around in capes, but they should be very stylish people in very stylish capes or you will not win the contest. Videos are to be uploaded to YouTube and posted on the official TMBG Facebook page.  All videos linked there will be voted on by the Facebook friends of TMBG, but the winner will be judged by Judge John Hodgman and Hodgman alone. Submission deadline is July 15.
- Winner will receive $1000 bucks and a pizza from the pizzeria of their choice. The video will be posted on tmbg's you tube channel as well as posted on TMBG’s podcast -- so lots of people will celebrate your efforts.
- Select runners up will also receive the pizza of their choice.They Might Be Giants - Can't Keep Johnny Down

DFA White Out Sessions - How Deep Is Your Love? by The Rapture from DFA Records on Vimeo.

Twin Sister - Bad Street
Check out their album at Twin Sister dot Com

Mon Ami RUBIX has done a remix, you can buy it here:
Nightriders - Get Hooked (Rubix Remix) by IamRubix

AND, because sharing is caring, he has shared for your listening pleasure a LOVELY new mixture for you.
Rubix - Club Sandwich vol. 1 by IamRubix


The Irrepressibles - Forget The Past

Check out this new label Centric Music
PLUS, here's their Beatport Page

Thank you some more Low Life Inc, we love you, so too should you:

Water Lilly - Arpenter by Low Life Inc

Water Lilly - Lovebeat by Low Life Inc

Dinah Washington - Slick Chick (Davis Sitek Remix)

OH how we LOVE George Lenton and we ALSO love him HERE

FOLKS, that's all, HOWEVER, I DO have TWO more things for you
I have done a Remix for my GOOD friends THE FROWN, and when I say I, I mean that myself and moon ami Koos, or The K Boss, as he wants to be known and as WE WILL BE KNOWN FROM NOW ON: MonoDestrukt. It';s still unmastered, BUT, here it is:

Tihtwe 3b hard lium PEG (MonoDestrukt DubTek Toy Mix) by greg-tucker
AND, we did a fuckaround track, got drunk and stuff and in 30 minutes came up with this, it's more of a reference point for future stuff:

MonoDestrukt - The Meestakn randomizer 2 PEG by greg-tucker
it's a bit of fun. but expect us to get serious, and in so saying, we will be doing remixes for te following over the next few weeks, U L T E R I O R, !Trash Yourself, Gosteffects (John Bourke's new solo project) as well as collaborating with the fantastic (and sexy) Jane Wayne
Isn't THAT fucking exciting.
AND there's other stuff happening,
AND our record store AWARE is awesome. PLUS, you need to like me on my Destrukto Dj Fan Page

Thank you, that is all.

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