Monday, June 30, 2008

Show 30 June 2008: Ladyhawke, Delta 5, Liaisons Dangereuses, Natalie Portmans Shaved Head, Soulwax, Alien Sex Fiend , Shriekback, The Ting Tings...

This Mondays Show: AWESOME tracks from Ladyhawke,
Shriekback, Matthew Dear, Sigur Ros, Soulwax, Natalie Portmans Shaved Head, Alien Sex Fiend, Delta 5 etc... Enjoy

First Hour of the Show
Simple Minds – Premonition
A track from their second album, pure class. They have apparently reformed with this line-up, I hope they get back to making music like this
Shriekback – Health and Knowledge and Wealth and Power
Kings of the alternative dancefloor in the mid to late 80's, they sit nicely in the space between The The and Fad Gadget, leftfield dance at its finest
(Matt Johnson) The The – (Like A) Sun Rising
This is from Matt Johnson's first album, its a bit uneven but it has hints towards the genius to come
The Ting Tings – Keep Your Head
Another Great Manchester band, from Salford, Indie Pop at its finest
They Came From The Stars I Saw Them – The Hot Inc.
Fantastic song from the fantasticaly named band from London
Natalie Portmans Shaved Head – Sophisticated Side Ponytail
Seattle's Natalie Portmans Shaved Head with this brilliant slice of lunacy, guarranteed to make you smile whilst dancing yer ass off...
Ladyhawke – BOTV (Van She Tech Turbo Fire Engine Remix)
Modular band Ladyhawke from Sydney (and other places, a multicultural band) with this sexy and stomping electro heaven remix by Labelmates Van She, guarranteed to get you sweating like a pony
Goose – 3T4
Belgiums finest Indie Electro Dancemasters with another cool track, proving that British Mode is not just a one-off, definately a band to watch
Alien Sex Fiend – Aint Got Time To Bleed
A Classic from a Classic band, the band that typified the Bat Cave and an era. Pre Electro Goth madness from the ugliest man (next to Shane McGowan) in music, Nik Fiend... spectacular
Does it Offend you, Yeah? – Lets Make Out (Stripe Remix)
UK's Does it Offend you, Yeah? remixed and grooved up, stupendous
Siouxsie – Into a Swan (Weatherall Mix)
Andrew Weatherall's remix of Siouxsies allready cool Into a Swan from the Mantaray album, lovely. Mr Weatherall still has the magic in his fingers
Soulwax – Another Excuse (DFA Remix)
DFA remix of Belgiums Soulwax, themselves the master remixes, absolutely skull crunchingly brilliant, driving bass from another dimension
The Cramps – Love Me
The worlds MADDEST band EVER with further proof of why they are loved by MANY.... "You Set My Heart On Fire...." woooohoooooo
2nd Hour of Show
Future Loop Foundation – Sunshine Philosophy
This track is so summery and sunshiney it just makes you want to run naked in the fields, like in a toilet paper commercial....
Sigur Ros – Hljómalind
Icelandic beauty transformed into music, glacial
Mazzy Star – So Tonight That I Might See (For WANDA)
Sandoval and co in a ritualistic durge of pure genius, from their first album of the same name
Rekleiner – Some People
Lifted from Mixmags Tiefschwarz mix of this month, minimal tekno at its finest
A Number of NamesSharevari (Instrumental)
This is the original Tekno track Detroit, truly amazing that this track is from 1981, stomper of a track, it deserves our adulation

Matthew DearDon and Sherri
Texan Matthew Dear from his album Asa Breed. Hot Chip also do a version, the album is full of wonderfuly dark brooding tekno from the old school ala Trentemoller and Biosphere (imho)
Liaisons DangereusesLos Niños del Parque [12' Mix]
German band with a French name singing in Spanish, French and English with ties to Einsterzende Neubauten and DAF, it doesn't get any better (and stranger) than this, this track saw Electro coming from afar and mastered it before it existed, kinda like Dance with Mussolini on crack...
The Au Pairs – Inconvenience (12” Mix)
Riot Grrrl forerunners and pioneers, GREAT band from Birmingham, formed in 1979, this is from the Playing with a different Sex album
Delta 5 – Mind Your Own Business
Delta 5 from Leeds were an important figure in the post punk scene in the UK with leftfield ideologies. They were heavily involved in the Rock Against Racism movement
New Young Pony ClubIce Cream (The Hooks Remix)
This has the coolest driving basslines of any remix I have heard in the past year, freaking awesome. It's made me fall in love with this song all over again
Late of the Pier – Space & the Woods (The Neon Plastix Remix)
Nottinghams up and coming new band remixed lovingly by Neon Plastix...
Midnight Juggernauts - Scorpius
Melbourne's The Midnight Juggernauts with this space filler from the Dystopia album, we love them, we love them a lot
Vivien Goldman - Launderette
A post punk classic from a journalist collaborating with the likes of John Lydon. She is the founding member of the Flying Lizards (they of Money, that's what I want fame), wrote songs for Massive Attack, penned the first biography of Bob Marley... a true Icon. Cool song too, LOVELY bassline (I seem to be into basslines today)

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