Monday, June 9, 2008

Tonights Show 09 June 2008 including New Ladytron, Thompson Twins and The Au Pairs

This Mondays Show:

Hmmmmm, our parties don't seem to be getting done yet, will let you know when the ACTUAL dates are, we need final sign off for one of the venues, so that means we still are to do our first Deconstruction party for the year, sigh... anyhoo, cool show including The Thompson Twins, a guilty pleasure of mine from the 80's, also including Foetus, the Polysics and the new Ladytron.....
1st Hour of Show
Tubeway Army – You are in my vision
This was when Gary Numan was at his finest, glacial. David Bowie might hate him but we don't
Thompson Twins – Love on your side
This is a guilty pleasure for me, I was a HUGE fan for many years, I even went so far as to become a member of their fan club, I have a cool collection of old photo's signed by the band as well as Allanah Currie's glove (fucking tiny, looks like it was a 10 year olds:))
Franz Ferdinand – Tell her tonight
From the debut album, can't wait for new music from them
You’ve Got Foetus On Your Breath – Mark of the Ostracizor
JG Thirlwell, another insane genius from Melbourne Australia (my all time favourite musician comes from closeby, no prizes for guessing who THAT is). The name and brand Foetus is a stroke of genius really, decidedly sick and perverse, but awesome none the less, my fiend Guy and I used to listen to them in his bedroom before going out to conquer the world (and more hopefully women's hearts, hahhahahahah)
The Fall – Pat Trip Dispenser
Manchesters second greatest band of all time, hot on the heels of a certain band previously known as The Warsaw, then named themselves after Jewish prostitutes pleasuring German soldiers, yes, you guessed it: Joy Division. The water is good in Manchester (cleasrly it is because that is where the greatest football team is on the planet, the Red half of course)
Joy Division – Day of the lords
What more can be said about this unbelievable and mythical band, I hate to say it but I do not think that New Order ever acchieved the same heights of genius and creativity, a sens of Isolation....
Cut//Copy – Midnight Runner
80's inspired brilliance out of Australia, Cut//Copy and The Presets are two of the most dynamic and forward thinking bands around in the world at the moment, lovely, makes me want to move to Melbourne (as if I needed any excuse to want to do that anyway)
The Presets – Kicking and Screaming
Speaking of The Presets, this is from the new album Apocalypso
NIN – The beginning of the end (Ladytron Remix)
This is from the Year Zero remixes, fantastic remix by the very talented Liverpudlian band Ladytron

Ladytron – Season of Illusions
This is from the new album Velocifero, it is awesome, it doesn't dissapoint in the least
The Au Pairs – It’s Obvious
A post-punk classic that had me dancing like a crazy person at clubs like The Playground, The Junction and Le Club (where I later ended up DJ'ing for a long time), "You're equal but different.... It's Obvious..." BRILLIANT
Thompson Twins - Watching
Back to my guilty pleasure, SUCH a great album, it has been reissued by Demon remastered including ALL the remixes, great!! Let's start a campaign to bring them back into prominence, I mean, they sold over 20 million albums in the early to mid 80's and now no-one really remembers or respects them... more respect is given to that twat boy george (note no capital letters) and he is an awful sexual deviant... disgusting
The Polysics – Wild One for Leeney
Fantastic, they termselves as "technicolor pogo punk", who am I to argue that?
Siouxsie – About to Happen Siouxsie
A fantastic song from a fantastic album from a fantastic singer, a legend really, like Michael Foot
2nd Hour of tonight's show
Can – Oh Yeah (Secret Knowledge mix)
Holger Czukay and his merry band of Krautrockers, probably the most important of that movement,a sound that defined a sound, a genre. Updated in 2003 (or somehwere near there)
Crystal Castles – Through the hosiery
GREAT new band from Toronto, better known for their brilliant remixes of the likes of The Klaxons etc, their debut album is a gem
The Go! Team – Flashlight Fight (Feat Chuck D)
What more can you say about this band, using as guest MC who else but the phenomenal "Fight The Power" man himself of Public Enemy, Chuck D!!!
Goldfrapp – Road to Somewhere
Alison and fiend come back from an electro masterpiece with an accoustic masterpice, great album
The National – Mistaken for Strangers
Brooklyn based indie rockers echo bands such as the Tindersticks and our Lord and Saviour, Nick Cave... The Boxer is a great album with many surprises and gems buried beneath its moribund exterior, well worth MANY listens
Metric – Love is a Place
Beautiful stripped down song from the amazingly talented Emily Haines, one of Canada's finest
The Go! Team – Ladyflash (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)
Simian Mobile Disco make this allready great track STOMP, as a DJ, it is a pleasure to use this track in a set
MSTRKRFT – Work on you
Toronto's finest Electro stompers, new album out in September, CAN'T WAIT
The Mystery Jets – The boy who ran away (Riton Re-Rub)
5 piece English band... SOLID
Slow Club – Summer Shakedown
Folksy and pretty, lovely band
Guilty Simpson – Home Invazion
What does one follow up a future folk classic with? HIP HOP, WOOHOOOO
Marbert Rocel – Tttictictac
Tres Jolie this one, tres jolie
Simple Minds – Thirty Frames a Second
Empires and Dance was an unbelievable album, this is a classic from a classic album, when Simple Minds were forward thinking and brilliant, I have it on good authority that they have reformed with the original lineup, I hope this is a good sign, more of the same from this era please:) Leave the Gaelic Stadium Rock to the Irish pomp rockers U2 please, go back to your Roxy Music inspired routes
Thompson Twins – We are detective
What better to finish off the two hours than a classic for the Smash Hits generation of pop lovers, pure 80's brilliant cheese, god bless them Twins

Monday Nights 11pm till 1am Johannesburg Time, Channel 169 Audio Bouquet also 1485AM Radio

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Awesome awesome awesome! What a super show. Most fun I've had on a Monday in ages!