Sunday, June 22, 2008

This Mondays show with Yazoo, Mazzy Star, Prototypes, Hadouken!, Does it Offend you, Yeah?

This Mortal CoilSong to the Siren
Still one of the greatest cover versions of any song ever done, Elizabeth Frazier and Robin Guthrie of The Cocteau Twins under the 4 AD collective TMC completely rework the Tim Buckley classic, it doesn't get more beautiful and stark than this
Mazzy Star – Mary of Silence
Speaking of beautiful and stark, Hope Sandoval and David Roback made some truly dreamy hippy-goth tinged music on their two albums, this is from the first album, So Tonight I Might See... the same one that gave the world Fade Into You
Yazoo – Midnight
Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet made the most unlikely collaboration under the moniker Yazoo, Clarke had recently split from the group he founded (Depeche Mode) and Alison Moyet a blues singer but they made some of the most startling and long lasting music of the 1980's, probably influencing countless bedroom muso's and pioneering the one fingered synth technique. This was Clarkes blueprint for his most successful project still to come, Erasure. I still prefer Yazoo though.
Bjork Earth Intruders (xxxchange mix) for Sylvia (vote for her)
Bjork is by far the most successful export from Iceland, she seems to approach her music from a completely different way from anyone on the planet. She is fiercly independant and it shows in her glacial and challenging music.
Check out Sylvia's blog and VOTE FOR HER
Cazals – We’re just the same
British Indie band, fiends of Pete Doherty (have toured with Babyshambles)from the Kitsune released album What of our future
Prototypes – Dans sur le merde (Doperwerwolf Remix)
French Electro Pop awesomeness gets a cool reworking by Doperwerewolf...lovely

Johnny Cash – God’s Gonna Cut You Down
This is from Johnny Cash's final album, the American Recording V album he finished shortly before he passed away, this track is one of my all time favourite Cash songs, simple and to the point a BEAUTIFUL song that one wishes one wrote oneself, he was a genius
Hadouken! – Driving Nowhere
This is a track from their Music for an Accelarated Culture offering, for me this falls into the space between Bloc Party and pure unadultarated 80's synthpop circa 1984.... this can only be a good thing
Judge Dread – Skin Lake
A radical ska reworking of Tcaikowsky's Swan Lake, so awesome it should have a planet named after it.... stomp yer boots to this skanking fair
Does it offend you, Yeah? – Weird Science
Reading based 4 piece band from their "You have no idea what you are getting yourself into" offering. Awesome electro/punk electronica
Ratatat – Mirando (mmmathias remix)
Brooklyns finest instrumentalists given the mmmathias treatment
The Presets – My People (Mouse On Mars Terror Pretz Reamix)
This is a brutally driven remix by Mouse on Mars guaranteed to make you lose control on the dance floor when this one is dropped in by some smug DJ....
Cut//Copy – Hearts on Fire (Midnight Juggernautz Remix)
For Melbourne by Melbourne, this is an awe inspiring remix of the Cut//Copy track from their In Ghost Colours album on Modular Records
Foals – Electric Bloom (PHTPS Dusk Mix)
Sub Pops Foals from Oxford in the UK's minimalist elctronica at its finest
2nd Hour of Show

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