Monday, November 17, 2008

Tonights Show featuring Far Och Son, Architecture In Helsinki, Cutout Collective, Tales of the Son, Hard On, Tame Impala etc

These New Puritans – Numerology (aka Numbers)
Fantastic track from the Beat Pyramid album, these nutters from Southend have cooked up a quite astounding album, a successor to the Klaxxons
Does it Offend You Yeah? – We are Rockstars
From their new album, this Electro Romp of a track is awesome, they ARE Rockstars, all twisted and fucked, yeah
The Presets – This Boys In Love
From the Appocalypso album, lurvely:)
"I stole the keys to the skies,
We’ll leave this place for the final time,
No crying words, no goodbyes,
Yes tonight we’re burning all the tough times.

Drown all the fears that we had,
These are the things that we’ll never understand.
This time fight fire with fire,
Cause baby tonight, the world belongs to you and I.

This Boy’s in love,
This boys in love
Under city, under city lights

Far Och Son – Panik (Tony Senghore Remix)
Most BRILLIANT track from this new Swedish outfit consisting of Frej Larsson
Simon Gärdenfors, they are on the Hybris label, SO phat this track
Far Och Son – Panik (Phatzoo Remix)
Tale of The Son – B
This piece of Instrumental genius is from the Deconstruction stable, fronted by A Boy Named Goo, expect MANY things from these guys in 2009, part of the NEW Jozi Revolution
Architecture In Helsinki – That Beep (Radioclit’s French Mix)
Australias Architecture with a wicked remix by London based Radioclit, check out their RADIOCLIT LONDON CLUB RESIDENCY : Secousse @ Notting Hill Arts club every 2nd friday of the month
Cutout Collective – Bloodlines (Jacob Israel Remix)
ANOTHER from the Deconstruction Stable, an old favourite of mine, remixed by the fantastic Jacob Israel, I was at the Woods on Saturday night watching Email Chekkerr and VJ Flikker of CoC storm the dancefloor, astounding, long live Ableton Live
Clinic – Tomorrow (DFA Remix)
What I love about DFA remixes, they are just so damn sexy, this is the slinkiest bassline of the last I don't know how long, its a builder
Gossip – Listen Up (Arthur Baker Remix)
Lovely house remix of Gossips staple from the Standing in.. album of 2006
Lykke Li – Little Bit (AutoErotique Bootleg Rmx)
There's a whole lot of sexual refferences in the post today, what with Radioclit, AutoErotique, Hard on et al, heh, what am I trying to tell myself???
Bumblebeez – Freak Your Loneliness
Rocker from Aussies Beeeeeezzz, stomps harder than a hard thing stomping hard, yeah!!!

Gang of Four – Anthrax (Faultline Remix)
Gang of Four, pure genius, so far ahead of its time, the blueprint for the likes of LCD Soundsystem et al.
Joy Division – Wilderness
And the blueprint for SO MANY bands from all over, one of the only bands that Nick Cave loved when he first came to London and was famously so dissapointed with the state of the music in the UK back then, the other band he loved was Mark E Smith's The Fall, funnily enough, both bands are from Manchester, so too is Manchester United, GREAT place Manchester, hahahah. This is from their astounding debut Unknown Pleasures
These New Puritans – Colours
Another track from the amazing newish album from the Puritans
Tame Impala – Skeleton Tiger
Aussie Psychedelic Rock on the Modular label, pretty as fuck, love it, they are really making waves now, another one to watch for 2009 as they go global
Peterfy Bori & Love Band – Hello Modern Dizajn (Fine Cut Bodies Fidget Ride)
Budapests actress/muso Peterfy all fidgeted up sexy style, who DOESN'T like a fine cut body?
Dardanelles – Of Course You Said (Riot in Belgium Remix)
Another classic Riots remix of the Dardonelles allready brilliant song Of Course You Said
Plus Move - Boss
Plus Move hail from Austin Texas, they are on the Expansion Team Records label,
Rufus Wainwright – Tiergarten (Supermayer Remix)
A 13 minute epic remix of Rufus's classic Tiergarten, stellar
Simian Mobile Disco – System
This is one of my favourite SMD tracks, it makes me think of all that was good about the Rave culture when I was involved in the very early to mid 90's, the track builds breaks, trances yet electro's, its unbelievable, and its only a bonus track on the Attack... album, blew my socks off when i first heard it very loud in my car after i bought it
Boys Noize – Don’t Believe the Hype
I can't get enough of this track, it rocks so hard, in as dark an Electro Intellitekno way as possible, I am not much one for genre's and labelling music so all I will call this is amazing
Simian Mobile Disco – System (cont.)

Hard On - Automatic
Germany's horny bastards from Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany T!t - The Bitch Dick - The Brain Ass - The Heart Gingahead - Special Guest MAD, yeah

Bands Featured in this Post:
These New Puritans , does it offend you yeah?, the presets , Far Och Son, Architecture In Helsinki , cutout collective , Clinic , Gossip , Lykke Li
The Bumblebeez , Gang of Four , Joy Division , Peterfy Bori , Dardanelles , Plus Move , Rufus Wainwright
Hard On , Boys Noize

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