Monday, November 3, 2008

Tonights Show FEATURING: Grace Jones, Robyn, Lemonade, Eskimo Disco, Gang of Four, Does it Offend You, Yeah?, The Cramps,

Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead (a Fine Tuning Funk Punk Remix)
Subtle yet sexy fine tuning of Bauhaus’ classic Goth track, gives it new impetus
Simple Minds – Someone Somewhere In Summertime
They have recently reformed with their original line-up specifically to perform this album New Gold Dream (81, 82, 83, 84), 80’s romanticism at its most awesome
Echo and the Bunnymen – Pictures on my Wall
Another 80’s classic from one of the greatest ever Liverpool bands, formed by one of the Crucial Three (Ian McCullough) they were an unbelievable band who rivalled U2 in their pomp for the worlds attention!
Yazoo – Mr Blue
Awesome 80’s track from the You and Me Both album, they have also recently reformed to perform this album live for the first time
The Cramps – Peter Gunn
Peter Gunn all Cramped up and spaced out Surfer Punk style by the maddest and baddest of them all, SOOO wicked you could grow Horns and a Tail by the end of the track
Grinderman – No Pussy Blues (Midfield General Remix)
Oh Yes! Lord Nick given the Midfield treatment, he kept the driving lunacy of the track and keeps to the original feel of the track
The Presets – Kicking and Screaming (Bang Gangs e is for Edit)
Australia’s Bang Gang have been making party people go nuts all over Ozland for ages now and they have been remixing great tracks and making them even greater
A Place To Bury Strangers – I Know I’ll See You (Clapp Remix)
Hailes as New York’s loudest band, cool Clapp remix
Van She – Kelly (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
Shinichi Osawa seems to be all over the place at the moment, LOVELY remix of Van She’s awesome Kelly
The Whip – Frustration (Van She Remix)
Van She then get their mixing hands on Manchesters newest superstars
Ladyhawke – My Delirium (Chateau Marmont Remix)
Cool new mix from the Chateau Marmont stable, this song just grows and grows, she’s become an Agony Aunt on NME check it: NME Agony Aunt
Simple Minds – I Travel
SOOO far ahead of its time, a Post Punk classic from the Minds, the OWNED the world then

The Cramps – Sheena’s in a Goth Gang
The gang scaring the world, Halloween was made for bands like the Cramps
Tomahawk – Birdsong
Mike Pattons band, I still believe he has one of the greatest Rock voices ever
Sigue Ros – Hljómalind
Icelandic post-rock Glacial beauty. Sigur Ros is pleased to announce an exclusive screening of two films featured in the deluxe edition of með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust. the screening will take place at the covent garden odeon in london, on november 10th at 8pm. tickets are available here
Lone – Cali Drought
Weird twisted hip hop beats from The Clash Magazine compilation
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Melt!
Absolute classic from 1982, lovelier than a lovely thing studying lovely at a lovely convention for lovelies
Gang of Four – I Love a Man In A Uniform
Also from 1982, this awesome post punk band have also reformed, released a track called Second Life in June this year. This band (Uniform) was banned by the BBC as it was released very close to the time of the Faulklands War, the powers that be obviously thought any military inspired song was too risqué for the general public to consume
Does It Offend You, Yeah? – Battle Royale
From their album You Don’t Know…. This is the opening stomper, mad beats and crazy music, just how we love it
Eskimo Disco – Japanese Girl (Fred Falke Club Mix)
“Eskimo Disco have been playing their infectious party music at warehouse parties, clubs and festivals across the UK, including supports with the Arctic Monkeys, The Rakes, The Subways, The Young Knives, Chromeo, Mint Royale and Jamie Liddell. They have developed their music into a powerful live show that has taken the band throughout the UK and Europe. "One of the best live bands of the year," says “ from their myspace page

Lemonade – Sunchips (Ghosts on Tape Remix)
California based band list their influences as: Brains, driftwood, swimming, bass music, pirated software, diabetes, top cat, sonic n tails, the funny face, living how we want to.
Robyn – Cobrastyle (Mason Vocal Mix)
The Konichiwa Bitches songstress is all mixed up and ready to go by Mason on Cobrastyle, sweaty!
Grace Jones – Williams Blood (Aeroplanes Remix)
YAAAAAY, a NEW Grace Jones is on its way, ALL is right with the world, this could save the world from the credit crunch, seriously!! They say the new albums out on the 1st December, I CAN’T wait, in the mean time, this Aeroplanes remix can be heard for you pleasure, it just builds and builds, understated in places but it just grows and grows, lovely
The Black Ghosts – Some Way Through This
The ex-Simian peeps from their debut album, fanTASTic

The shows will be up shortly
Bands Websites and Videos featured in this post... NO SHARED MUSIC DAMMIT!!!
Bauhaus,Simple Minds, Echo and the Bunnymen, Yazoo, The Cramps, The Presets, Tomahawk, does it offend you, yeah?, Sigur Ros, A Place To Bury Your Strangers, Video I Know I’ll See You, grace jones, Van She, Kelly, The Whip, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Ladyhawke, simple minds, The Cramps, lone, Gang of Four, Eskimo Disco, Robyn, Lemonade, The Black Ghosts,

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