Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bauhaus - Go Away White

Bauhaus Album Reviewed
Cool review of the album Go Away White, the new Bauhaus album.
It is a pity that they have broken up (again) and that they did not tour to support the album. What I do find funny is that Love and Rockets have reformed for the Coachella festival on the 25th, 26th and 27th of April and announcements coming soon of a tour. There are two possible scenarios here: a) The band cannot work with Peter Murphy anymore and b) This was all part of an elaborate plan and was the intention in the first place to do this.
A bit of both with a leaning towards the latter is what I believe, I find it strange that they said that there was an incident that caused them to break (and that is all they said)up again and that very soon thereafter they announce that they are reforming as Love and Rockets.
Daniel Ash

Anyways, I think that the album is great, a mix of old Bauhaus, Love and Rockets and solo Peter Murphy stuff circa Final Solution. I would be keen to hear the new Love and Rockets stuff, considering Mr Ash has gone VERY house (the last solo album was very dance orientated with DJ Keoki - I did like the Tones on Tail sample though on the track Mastermind, was great)

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