Wednesday, March 19, 2008


One of the many things that REALLY angers me is the CONTINUED occupation of Tibet by Communist China. The situation there now absolutely disgusts me and for their premier wen to come out and blame the Dalai Lama, an envoy for peace, harmony and a sustainable solution for self determination for the Tibetan people is a disgusting and arrogant gesture.
PLEASE check out these sites and DO something, it's time the world takes a stance, or else the same thing will happen as happened in Burma with their crushing of the Monks revolt.
The Chinese Government is an evil that should be stopped. Maybe all free thinking governments should boycott the Beijing Olympics there and also stop supporting their booming economy. NATURALLY money speaks and for as long as the Chinese government pay top Dollar for services rendered, then unscrupulous and greedy businesses will continue with their systematic annihilation of one of the most amazing and uniquely beautiful cultures on Earth.
Yangtze River Dolphin
Read up on what this government has done to this most beautiful of creatures.
Yangtze Three Gorges Dam
Read up on what this government has done to the Three Gorges by damming the river for no other reason other than they wanted to prove that they could, damn the consequences.
Human Rights Abuses in China
Read up more on this evil government.

Free Tibet, let these people live their lives under their own rule, CHINA GET OUT, it was NEVER your country in the first place!!!!
Communist Party Of China
Tiananmen Square
This is about to happen in Tibet on a much larger scale. Stop the genocide, take a stance against the Chinese now!!

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