Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Design Is A Good Idea

Hey peeps, I have been wanting to post this for a while but keep forgetting, hahaha, (it's been an insane year) this is a Facebook Group set up by my Fiend Bruce Cowie, a genius designer and all round Good Bloke. Myself and my then girlfriend used to take him and his then girlfiend clubbing at (their) tender age of 14 and they used to stay at our place in Hillbrow on weekends, I used to sell him Einsterzende Neubauten and Nick Cave vinyl back in 1990 when I used to be the resident black clad dude at Hillbrow Records. Always back then this extremely intelligent boy (now a man) always looked to push the boundries, to question and to most importantly listen to the Universe. He ventured into music and DJ'ing and was startlingly brilliant at both. As good as his Design, and as you can see, his Design is pretty damn amazing:

Bruce Cowie © Design is a good idea
Dear Design Is A Good Idea member.

The Coming Soon splash pages are now online at HERE

The pages will load randomly every time you visit the site, so if you want to see more you can just click the 'refresh' button.

Submissions are still welcome, please feel free to keep adding. Thank you very much to everyone involved for constant support, and for sending us great things. Stay tuned for new projects soon.


Design is a good idea.

Featured artists:
Designed by: Lara Hamman (South Africa)© Design is a good idea

Ronel van Heerden (South Africa)
Bruce Cowie (South Africa)
Renée Rossouw (South Africa)
Antony Kitson (UK)
Judith Hoogenboom (USA)
Will Alexander Taylor (South Africa)
Terry Cronje (South Africa)
Aristides Karantonis (Greece)
Benedikt Sebastian (South Africa)
The Cupcake Academy (Japan/South Africa/UK)
Ultraglow™ (Japan)
Black Light District (Norway)
Disobey® (Worldwide)
The Heavenbound Gun Company (South Africa/USA)
Mike Remote (Japan)
Lisa Verbatim (Sweden)
You've Been Warned (South Africa)
Kult™ Industries (Secret)
Pointdexter (China)

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