Monday, December 8, 2008

Tonights show featuring TRUMP DISCO, Dj Mujava, We Are Wolves, Hostage, Santogold, Techjio, Johnny Cash

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow
“would you please turn on that telephone we’re under fifteen feet of pure white snow…..” Nick at his menacing best…
The Cramps – Dopefiend Boogie
Speaking of menacing The Cramps have to be the sexiest, grimiest, craziest bunch of nutcases out there, ever, LOVE them
We are Wolves – Coconut 155
From Montreal this is a cool indie punk romp
Streetlife DJ’s – We love the Disco Sound (radio edit)
London’s Streetlife Dj’s sampling the Pop Will Eat Itself and the burning it up
Kap10Kurt vs Original Hamster – Burning Down The Haus
Then New York’s Kap10Kurt together with the Original Hamster do the coolest take on the Talking Head’s 80’s classic, electrode and funked up
The Young Punx – Fire (Electro Rock Version)
From their recent Debut Your Music is Killing Me these are tireless workers and party animals headed up by maverick multi instrumentalist Hal Ritson ably assisted by Cameron Saunders and Nathan Taylor they steam up any dance-floor they inflict themselves upon, in a good way…
Santogold – Creator (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Rmx)
The Chewy’s making Santogold sound even more awesome, an electro stomper. Santi White ALWAYS delivers, The Chewy’s ALWAYS make it even better
Grosvenor – Drive Your Car (Hot Chip Remix)
EXTREMELY naff track, not sure why I played it, I will not again, dreadful, what were them Chippies thinking??
Johnny Cash – Get Rhythm (Tomboy Rmx)
Johnny Cash all remixed and funked up, stays faithful to the original, I dropped this on saterday afternoon at a lounge bar I was playing at in a kinda chilled type setting, people got up and danced, it was cool
Crystal Castles – Vanished (Mr Vega Rmx)
This remix builds up and delivers, spectacular take on a spectacular song by a spectacular band
Datarock – I used to dance with my daddy (Metal on Metal Rework)
ALWAYS loved this song, Skint’s Metal on Metal rework is stellar, takes it to a new level
Trumpdisco – Depraved (Remastered)
Australias Trump Disco, AWESOME slow builder, dark and brooding, kicks in nicely halfway through, definitely ones to watch. Two Girls making SUCH great music to shake your soul to
Metal on Metal – No Front Teeth
Check out their history on their myspace page, remixers extraordinaire, with an extraordinarily crazy original, nice!

Hostage – Lighter
LOVELY old school type track yet it is current enough to get me interested, builds and builds to a blissful trajectory, beautifully crafted track
Digitalism – Taken Away (Lalory’s Modern Romance RMX)
One of the many remixes of this track. Digitalism recently had an online remix competition for this track, this is one of the results, me likes!

Rhys – Hot Summer (Trumpdisco Rmx)
Another corker of a remix from Victorias Trump Disco, starts off neither here nor there, lulling you into a false sense of security but then it absolutely kicks off and gets low down and dirty in the hardest of ways, spectacular
We Have Band – Oh! (Dessous Chic’s Oh La La Rmx)
Another great remix of We Have Band’s Oh!
Techjio – Olivia
What is it about Canada and Montreal that keeps churning out more and more awesome acts, this is another fantastic one with a track called Olivia, Olivia is ASTOUNDINGLY beautiful, yes she is….even though she likes Arsenal….obscure, yes?
Pantera – Walk (Techjio Rmx)
Astounding electro remix of mosh inducing grindcore Pantera, SOOO unbelievable
Fake Blood – Mars (Trumpdisco Rmx)
Them Trumpies, doing it again, fucking AWESOME!!!
Benga – 26 Basslines (Cheus & Rodski 26 Waistlines rmx)
Jungly breaky techy remix of Croydens Dubstep maestro Benga
Benga – The Cut
Benga gets busy with the churning and grinding dubheavy basslines to sooth and disturb the soul in equal measure
The Pixies – Hey (Diplo Devil Mix)
That naughty naughty Diplo fellow, making Alternative Indie Rock Gods all dancefloor friendly, fiendish boy, devilishly good! Wesley you devil!!
Tiga – Mind Dimension (Mansion Rmx)
Driving soundscape, yet another mix of Tiga’s Mind Dimension, this time by Mansion
DJ Mujava – Township Funk (Sinden Rmx)
I LOVE this, the man started off supplying tracks from his Pretoria base to Taxi’s, amazing story, seriously talented kid, from the heart of a South African township making music to escape crime and poverty, now he is being remixed by the likes of Sinden, how mad and fantastic is that?

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