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Monday, December 22, 2008

Tonights VERY Australian show features Bumblebeez, Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!, Fuck Buttons, Holy Fuck, Grafton Primary, The Death Set, Susumu Yokota

The Presets – This Boys in Love (Lifelike Remix)
Awesome remix from the special Ltd Edition copy of Apocalypso, has some WAY cool remixes and also has links to other cool stuff. Check out Modular's online store ModShop
Grafton Primary – Records for the righteous
Grafton Primary are brothers Josh and Ben Garden from Sydney. From their very cool new album Eon on Resolution Music.
Ladyhawke – My Delerium
The crowd went off at Nevereverland in Melbourne when she played this track, I think it was her last track of her set, she's like a blonde Joan Jett, only from New Zealand, and indie, and stuff. Rock Chick, yeah
Van She – Memory Man
Sydney's Van She with a cool track from their new album, they were great live despite the fact that they opened up proceedings to only a few hundred people, a pity because they played a blinder of a set
Tame Impala – Desire Be Desire Go
I was SOOO bummed that they were bumped off the set for Melbourne, would have loved to see them, this is from their new EP, check the ModShop link above to get this as well as Ladyhawke etc:)
The Bumblebeez – Vampires
Another band that was bumped off the Nevereverland set list for the Melbourne leg, HUGE pity, was REALLY looking forward to seeing them. This is from their Red Printz EP, Vila's in tha house yo!!
Holy Fuck – Royal Gregory
Saw these Toronto based guys live at the Corner in Richmond (I think thats correct) fucking AWESOME, and if I may say so myself, what a FANTASTIC name for a track, Royal Gregory, indeed!!
Fuck Buttons – Bright Tomorrow
This magnificent wall of sound that the J@MC would be proud of, is from their latest album Street Horrrsing
Gossip – Listen Up! (MSTRKRFT Remix)
SEXY and driving remix by Canada's genius MSTRKRFT. Gossip is awesome, LOVE her voice, the chorus alwasy make me think of J&MC's Who Do You Love?
Susumu Yokota – Golden Years
Lord Bowie covered, this is from a cool album I picked up in Polyester Records on Brunswick Street. It's calledLife Beyond Mars Bowie Covered, it features the likes of Au Revoir Simone, Heartbreak, Paper Jones, Joakim and Disco etc, VERY cool to hear Bowie reinvented
Maps – Don’t Fear (Fantastic Mr Fox Remix)
Lovely remix by the Fantastic Mr Fox of Mute's Maps, giving it a bit of a Hip Hop Trip Hop Turntablist flava,
Matthew Dear – Sound And Vision
Another great track from the Bowie Uncovered CD, it's Matthew Dear, can ONLY be good

The Presets – Cookie
From their first EP called Blow Up, it offers hints towards the awesomeness that they would become. They were unbelievable live!!
The Presets – Anywhere (Still Going! Remix)
Another track from the Apocalypso Special edition, lovely
Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! – War Coward (The Waterslides Rainbow Legs Remix)
New band from the City of Churches (Adelaide), their best kept secret. "irresistable Synthpop grooves" Faster Louder, "a highly combustible package that, upon explosion, you can't help but dance to." , just some of the reviews of thsi cool band fronted by the awesome voice of Caitlin Duff.
Bumblebeez – Clubb Clubb
This is from their 2007 offering on Modular "Prince Umberto and the Sister od Ill" I WANT these people to take over the world!! Please?
Juan Maclean – AD 2003
This is from 2005's "Less than Human" great slice of DFA Electronica
Simian Mobile Disco – Hotdog (Cosmo Vitelli Rmx)
This understated masterpiece is from the Remix album of SMD's Attack.... album, their are some absolute STOMPERS on it
Shit Robot - Chasm
This is from the SMD Fabriclive.41 CD, Electro from heaven
The Death Set – Listen to this collision
Smash and grab wall of sound from the Death Set, makes me happy, noise, who DOESN'T love noise, I do
Test Icicles – Boa vs Python
Who would win between a Boa and a Python?......hmmmmm, I wonder, yon Icicles try to find out,
Pop Will Eat Itself – Ich Bien Ein Auschlander
CLASSIC track from the 90's, when them Grebos' went to Interscope and onto Trent Reznors label, came from the "Dos Dedos Mes Amigos" album, still a floor filler
Cazals – To Cut A Long Story Short (Vicarious Bliss Mellotron mix)
Orchestral and chilled remake of the Spandau Ballets New Wave/Romantic classic from the very early 80's, when they wore their Kilts, The Cazals do the track justice
Ratatat – Shiller
From their latest album, another brilliant instrumental psyche hop album, great!
Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya – Fuck Friend (CSS Remix)
Kitsunes Bitchee all mixed up by them lovely Brazillians, could it get any better?
Bomb The Bass – Butterfingers (Adam Sky Ravebummer Mix)
Bomb The Bass are back, Mr Simenon with his warped beats n pieces, this is from the new album Future Chaos, the limited edition package has all these awesome remixes and this is one of them. The world is a better place when BtB is in it!
autoKratz – Pardon Garcon
Also from Kitsunes Maison Compilation 5 CD, brilliant
Grafton Primary , Ladyhawke , The Presets , Van She , Juan Maclean , Tame Impala , Bomb the Bass , Susumu Yokota , Matthew Dear , Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya , Cazals , autoKratz , Ratatat , Pop will Eat Itself , Holy Fuck , The Death Set , Test Icicles , The Bumblebeez , Maps , Shit Robot , Simian Mobile Disco , Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! , Gossip

MEANWHILE, check out this cool interview of Prepmodes Simon, wicked cool dude that he is on: INTERVIEW

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