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Monday, December 1, 2008

Tonights Show featuring Richard the Third, Kliktrak, MtKidU, Krink, Trackademics, Mystery Jets, We Have Band, Tame Impala

Richard the IIIrd – Blast em into Orbit
First of three tracks from Richard's brilliant new album on African Dope Records, I will review it within the next few days, its REALLY fantastic
MtKidU – Robo Baas
Speaking of fantastic this cool track from MtKidU is a slice of electronica from Jozi, if you haven't yet, go to Electrotrash to the download section and pick this track as well as many others including some Richard the third, Kliktrak featured below as well as Phonje etc, don't say I don't give you things
Kliktrak – Electrospheric edit 11
Durban's own electronica genius Richard with this epic piece of coolness
Frittenbude – Pandabar
From new label Audiolith from Berlin, very cool strange electro track from possibly one of the coolest cities on the planet
The Killers – Human (Ocelot rmx Alternative Live Edit)
Wicked remix of their new single all Vocoded and electrified, sounds very Faint-like, the original I still maintain is actually Alphaville in disguise, honest
Krink – 01:00am
Another awe inspiringly great track from Berlins cool new label Audiolith Audiolith, thanks to B-Electro for the tracks, head over to the left of the screen, click on B-Electro and go look for these tracks, well worth the effort
Trackademics – Enjoy what you do (Shadow Dancer rmx)
Magic track from Trackademics with the Wham lyric cleverly deployed for maximum danceability and amusement
Mystery Jets – Half in love with Elizabeth (Foamo Rmx)
very cool Foamo remix of the Mystery Jets, nice and subtle re-working
Tame Impala – Half full glass of wine (Canyons Drunken Rage rmx)
Leave me no choice but to plot my revenge, psyche rock heaven
Wild Beasts – Vigil For a Fuddy Duddy
Smithsesque band from Leeds via Kendal the Lake District as their mySpace page says, reminds me of another band I used to listen to in the 80’s, struggling to remember their name, I think it was The Assembly, also operatic type falsetto vocals
, also brings to mind Alladin Sane era Bowie at his most theatrical, with a bit of Brett Anderson thrown in for good measure
We Have Band – Oh! (Andrew Friendly Fires Remix)
From Kitsune's latest compilation, vol 6, three Londoners with this cool Friendly
Fires remix, there are qquite a few mixes of this floating around the blogosphere

Richard the Third – Dancing with the DJ’s Girl (Richard vs the Tutus)
Another great track from Richard the Third together with Joburg Indie gods Desmond and the Tutu's,

Maki Rocker – Hello Powerface
Oslo based band, nice! Band Members: Martin the Maki Rocker
BUT!!!! Sometimes The Buttharp, Miss Rebel, Ill.St.M or Mr. Mushkile help out!
Influences: Ray Smuckles and fried duck with peanut sauce
Sounds Like: A death rattle you can dance to
Record Label: Betu Records

Richard the Third – Soul Trader feat Themba January
Yip, another brilliant track from Richard, he wants to look more gangsta but fears he is too Emo
Division Kent – In the Headlights (Melnyk is behind the wheel rmx)
Depeche Modish type remix of Division Kents In the Headlights. Long and blissful
Cabaret Voltaire – Sensoria (Bloody Beetroots vs Sir Billy Experience Rmx)
I played this a while back and was going through some old tracks and rediscovered this one,
autoKratz – Stay the Same (You Love her Coz She’s Dead Remix)
Kitsune's autoKratz YLHCSD treatment
Sia – Buttons (CSS Remix)
This wasn't on the first release of her latest album but the original has been included on later pressings, its all CSS'd here,
CSS – Move (Cut Copy Remix)
This mix wouldn't sound out of place on a DFA compilation,
George Lenton vs King Blues – Come Fi Di Youth Rmx)
Awesome dubby track from Mr Lenton vs the Reggae punk kings
Tiga and Zyntherius – Sunglasses at Night (Black Devil Dub)
And old favourite, can't say more about this, love it and always will
Egotronic – Es muss stets hell fur Gottes Auge sein
Another wicked track from the Berlin label Audiolith, see below for info on the label
Panico – Illumination (Jackson Remix)
Mad industrial NIN style insane track, ripped and shredded by Jackson

Richard the Third , MtKidU , Electrolove , Frittenbude , Krink , Trackademics , Mystery Jets , Tame Impala , Wild Beasts , We Have Band , Maki Rocker , Desmond and the Tutus , Division Kent , Richard the First Facebook , autoKratz , Cabaret Voltaire , Sia , Cansei Deser Sexy , George Lenton , The King Blues , Tiga , Egotronics , Panico

Got this from B-Electro:
Who is Audiolith?
We are a record label, like many others are, but we're a whole lot more than that. We are the baby of Lars Lewerenz, who began to release our music, the music of his friends, his adopted family, in 2003. Which was a good decision, we've celebrated ourselves for this everywhere in the meantime. Cuz Audiolith Youth is everywhere. And we're there with it and down with it. We're coming to your town, and we're listening to what you have to say, and we'll see each other in the streets and we'll be wearing the same t-shirt. Your style is important to us, cause you like our mix. So you become part of it, cause everything fun and authentic goes, cause we're don't dig getting in trouble but rather get on parking lots. On which we rave. We drink our beer. But don't close our heads. We dance and sing songs. Cause we're way hotter than the crap they try to flog at you in Discounterland. Don't listen to them. Loosen up. Blow your mind with good music

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