Monday, April 6, 2009

George Lenton NEW song Refresh featuring Liz Lawrence

I went into my Gmail account this morning to send some tracks to Roxanne, and lo and behold, THIS popped up, another awesome new track from my favourite Dubstepper GEORGE LENTON which of course makes me happier than a nun in a field of cucumbers!! So without any more ceremony and natter, herewith below please find in George's own words his intro to his new track with his lovely fiend Liz Lawrence, Adore away:

how do. last track i sent was fairly grimey. this ones a bit calmer, bit more tuned to the current weather, and the easter holiday (although the holiday doesnt really apply anymore, fuck it) and featuring a singer ive known for a while called Liz Lawrence. She does music of her own to, have a butchers at her myspace ;

Liz Lawrence MySpazz

so, the tracks called Refresh, and heres a download link for it ;

Refresh ft Liz Lawrence ;

George Lenton - Refresh (feat Liz Lawrence)

heres a youtube video for it as well ;

Refresh YouTube link

Thank you George, we love you long time

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