Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tonight and Saturday and inbetween and stuff...

JUST a short note to show where I will be playing this fine evening and Saturday afternoon!!!! The Cellardoor is a cool Indie.alt pawty pawty I play at most thursdays with mi amigo's Ian, sometimes Martin, and generally guests!! I generally try upset the patrons with my Dancey Dancey Electro Bangers, have the odd fight with a militant Lesbian and generally misbehave Tucker style!! SOOOOO, make yr merry way there my pretties and come PLAY

FRIDAY I will be here for my fiend Jessica's birthday party, it is ALSO at CCHQ, and its called PITCH WHITE PRESENTS: CHOCOLATE DELIGHT (as you do) and if I annoy them anough I might play a track or ten, we shall see

I will ALSO be here at the infamous and awesome GO GO BAR, YAAAAAAAAY, where senor Ninja CHOON maestro spinner on them ones and twos supremo ubercool BOOM MONK BEN will be making yer toes atap and yo rump ashake!!! YAY
Nice one Sean

AND on SATURDAY afternoon I will be doing the usual bi-monthly stint at GIN normallement (french for Normally)it would be Keith (Klassikist) and I making the noize thegither, HOWEVER, Kiff is away for the weekend with the lovely Mel, so je, which is I will be flying solo on my two turntables and my cdj!
SOOOO, expect awesomeness, I may just have my mixing fingers on!!!
AND SOOOOO, without further ado, my bitches, some mewzak pour toi, coz, as you are aware, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!
Adore away:

Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody (RAC Remix)
The best thing about the original was the arching vocal, which goes completely untouched here. The remainder of this digital new wave-ish version was built out by AndrĂ© Anjos, founder of the Remix Artist Collective, whose steady synth untz and 4/4 low end push the Followills’ arena ambitions into more relatable, and enjoyable, territory.
Kings of Leon Web , The Remix Company

Art Brut - Weird Science
Culled from the same Frank Black-produced sessions as their new record Art Brut Vs. Satan, this less-punk, more-pop b-side tells of a mysteriously potent brand of beer, which has Argos “dancing all night to whatever they’re playing.”

Download (320kps):
Fredo Viola - The Turn (Fink Rmx)

and FINALLY check THIS out from Kitsu:

k, you boring me now, I'm going, but i STILL love you ALL, have a wicked long weekend!!!!!

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