Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Show plus upcoming gigs

So, my radio show has been lying dormant for a while, HOWEVER, it will be back SOOOON, yours truly, together with The Stockists (a talented bunch of madcap individuals consisting of No's 1, 2 and 3 (as you do) will be appearing at a Campus Station near you and myself (bows) will ALSO be appearing weekly on Rockoutradio, a new online Radio Station, yeah!!!!
I WILL post more when I can, and let y'all know when the shows go out, and THEN I will get the damn thing back onto my blog as a podcast for y'all, coz I KNOW you'se a been amissin me as much as I am amissin you!!!!!
Love, peace and Cucumber fields
Me (that is I)
Costa y Costa
Fo Shizzeth (R..... May)

OOOH, and I have some upcoming gigs, SOOOOON, over and above my bi-monthly stint at Gin with Senor Klasseeekeest, und mi Thursday night debauchery at CCHQ wit Ian und Martin und others, well, there's tell of a STREET PARTY outside THE WOODS where our band Cutout Collective will be playing, as well as SweatX and others, well, so far (unconfirmed) I will be making mad noize between bands!! And THEN a Stiaan Louw party party thingymabob type thingiola, more info to follow, and yes....Babe, I got you Bad...............................

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