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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


OOOOOOHHHHHH, Mary Velo's got a new mix and its stonkingly good!!!!!: Adore away,

Mary Velo Mojito Mix

1. La Roulette - Anja Schneider, Lee Van Dowski

2. March on Swan Lake - Fredski, Tomas Barfod

3. Yeah – Tiefschwarz

4. Ovas (Catz N Dogz Ohne FX remix)- Till Von Sein

5. Crapette – Cesar Merveille

6. Absoluca – Quitefrut

7. Inside – Mutant Clan

8. Ronson- Reboot

9. Bohemian Mofo (Delete remix) - Ali Kuru

10. Feelin’ – Pitto

11. El diamante (Reix remix)- Jesus Balza

12. Mar Del Plata 2009 - Audiofly X

13. Pimp Jackson Is Talking Now (Luci gets Loco remix)-Loco Dice

14. California Gold – Agaric, Adam Beyer

15. Arizona Creeping (Easy Changes remix)- Canary Fontaine

16. It’s A Nice Way To Give Feedback (Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner remix)-KAB, Minilogue

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