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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

INTRODUCING MACHETTE JACOBITE, PLUS new George Lenton, Krazy Baldhead, Capracara, Miss Kittin & the HAcker etc

SOOOO my peeps, I have been away as you know and I have let music pile up in my in-box, mad mad mad, this is nowhere near what is sitting there, but in the interests of expediency and your good selves I have started wading through it all and here is some of it, in case you were wondering, I am about to move house and there is MUCHOS else going on in my life at the moment...healing and learning....Love comes to those who are patient and listen, who understand and let comes back tenfold:

I am VERY happy to introduce to you a NEW band/project from 2 extremely talented Gauteng individuals, their identities remain a secret as all will be revealed SOOOON, in the mean time, here’s some LOVE for you from Machette Jacobite:

comprised of two artists from two different Gauteng electronic bands, they have merged to create a nu nufangled circuit bent etc, a noise based project called Machette Jacobite... for now, this is all you need to know."

love Machette Jacobite
Machette Jacobite – Left Difficulty
Machette Jacobite MySpazz

And something NEW from George Lenton as well as some of his musings on life the universe and everything, interesting stuff:

“how do, hope this mail finds you allllll good.

this track is dubstep, kind of grimey-ish dubstep i guess. Finished it off the other day, thought i might as well send it out.

heres a download link ;

Beware promo ;

George Lenton – Beware (Promo)

aaaand heres a video link ;

Beware vid ;

Beware Vid

(although the vid'l be shit quality for a couple of days, i dunno why it does that....lame)

so theres the beat, have a gander, would be cool to hear what you think :)

ive also (nothing to do with music... if your in a rush just grab the download an sack this off....) been thinking how toss my education was this week. Dunno how anyone over in the US or else where feels... the uk was pretty weak though! Ive read a little about marx and some of his work over the last few days, the guy was actually quite on it. although of course we're taught that communism is wrong based on countrys such as china and russia, which arnt even communist....

also, this short vid's pretty wicked ;

Philosophy courtesy of George

its some thought train thing by one of the main dude's plato. and its quite interesting, took me a few minutes to get my head round, but once you relate it to other, current stuff, its quite good.

so yeh, philosophy and dubstep, thats what the school's should be teaching us!! not fucking tectonic plates, pfft!

anyhow, i hope everyone pesterd by this mail is good, any blog postage is very welcome.



And then, here’s something new for you from Nile-On, Krazy Baldhead:

Download (320kps):
Krazy Baldhead - Sweet Night Club Mix Def Krazy Baldhead MySpazz

Then some stuffies from RCRDLBL:

Capracara - King Of The Witches (Age of Steam Edit)
The cats at DFA have a monster new record out from Capracara. “King Of The Witches” doesn’t categorize easily—there’s disco’s familiar swing, early house’s primitivity, techno’s latent mechanics—but it does fall under the umbrella of “jam we will bump all summer long.”
Capracara MySpazz

Miss Kittin & The Hacker - Electronic City
“Electronic City” is from the French pair’s new LP, Two. We’re not sure if this is really an ode to the Cybotron’s “Techno City,” but because it also packs some droopy programming and vogueish keys we are going to assume it is and play it LOUD.
Miss Kittin & The Hacker MySpazz, From the Album: Two

then some songs from while I was away:

The Pragmatic - Circles (Montag Remix)
The Pragmatic MySpazz , The Pragmatic Web

Major Lazer - Hold The Line (Poirier Remix)
Major Lazer MySpazz

White Denim - Mirrored and Reverse
White Denim Web

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