Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dj Loli and Loliland plus a mix, WOOOOO

Mon freund John Bourke (who's birthday it is on Friday)reccommended this for me to listen to on the plane when I fly to London, it's SOO good, I thought I'd share it with all of you:


This is a brand new mix by DJ Loli that she calls experimental (this will be understood by listening to her previous releases). With the Nu Disco, German techno, Electronica Punk and Techno of 1999 - 2002 , and all her favorites, she describes it as:

"The fresh new sound of 2010 created from the memories of 2000∪

This is the rock&roll version of electronic music.
The mix was ment to be released earlier but was delayed due to an accident with the turntables during the recording because of unexpected earthquake.

(Information from Loli's Twitter: " Thank you eathquake for fukking up my mix recording. My turntable fell off lol" ).

After staying up for two days straight, she gathered all music she’s loved over the years. This music she believes, is the music that needs to be resurfaced or exposed. Bringing electronic music from now, and the past (2000) she’s brought us the sound of the future, the sound that’ll be a part of this reformation of the scene.


Dj Loli Podcast
Loliland Fuck Disney indeed!!!

DJ Loli is one of the top female DJ's in the world that spins Nu Disco,Brit Pop, Glam, Electronica, Alternative music, Electro, Indie, and other variations of Dance music. She is a different and new kind of entertainer who is a DJ, Singer, Producer and a Business owner. DJ Loli has launched her Loliland inc enterprise in 2007.

Originally focusing on her music career DJ Loli's enterprise has begun to blossom into other areas of merchandising such as Loliland Record label, LoliLand Apparel and live Loliland events. LoliLand Events and LoliLand Record label will introduce new and upcoming artists as well as already established Bands and DJ's including: Trash Yourself, AC Slater, R U Guyz Brothers, Alex Zalenka etc. LoliLand apparel line include the latest hip clothing trends and accessories along with character driven designs.
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Thank you John:)

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