Friday, May 8, 2009

Gary is a Robot, Au Revoir Simone, Dinosaur Jr., Lia Ices etc

My inbox has been filling up again, first up from Om Records:

A few short months after the release of the long-anticipated new Zion I record, Bay Area producer and remix mastermind AmpLive is set to unveil the inaugural record on new Om Records imprint, Child’s Play. Merging the sounds of hip hop, electro, disco, d&b and dubstep, the new brand within the Om family is a fitting home for Murder at the Discotec- AmpLive’s latest soiree into gritty electro and dancefloor-ready anthems, due in early Fall.

When Amp told us he wanted to make an electro album, we were all like, “Huh? For real? Wtf.” Well naysayers like us be damned, because the first single from the record, “Gary is a Robot,” is a synth-hop banger featuring the Bay’s own Trackademicks of Fools Gold fame & Micro Jaxson. Meanwhile, the B-side, “Get Served,” features Freestyle Fellowship legend Mykah Nyne, ginned up by unadulterated dub step production.

The single is out May 12th, but if you can’t wait til then, Turntable Lab has your exclusive pre-release download.

Turntable Lab: Turntable Lab

Download & Share “Gary Is A Robot” From AmpLive’s Murder at the Discotec

“Gary Is A Robot” Single TRACKLISTING
01 Gary Is A Robot (feat. Micro Jaxson & Trackademicks)
02 Get Served (feat. Myka Nyne)

For More Information:
Amplive MySpazz

And then from Jez at Nile-On:

Well, the most fucked up bizarre thing just happened, I opened the mail and it looked to be a stormer of a track BUT the freaking thing has just disappeared into the ether, I have asked them to resend, it looked great, so I will endeavour to get it for you again as well as anything else they might have! Apologies for the inconvenience!!!!

And now what would a post of mine be without some tracks from RCRD LBL?:

This remixed “Shadows” track churns out maze-like layers of wonky ambient textures, meshing analog synth, clock like ticks, and deep bass.
Au Revoir Simone - Shadows (It’s A Fine Line Remix)
Au Revoir Simone Web

True story: when we turned “I Want You To Know” on this morning, J. Mascis’ thick fist of fuzz came out of the speakers and used our eardrums as speed bags—Neil Young-ish chords smeared in amp waste, slacker hero mumbling, the rest of the band fighting to be heard through the walls of guitars.
Dinosaur Jr. - I Want You To Know
Dinosaur Jr. Web , From the album: Farm

Lia Ices is a rising singer/songwriter from Brooklyn, NY, who released a criminally overlooked LP, Necima, late last year. “You Will” stems from that record, a soft ballad that hangs on floating piano chords, Lia’s arching voice, and sporadic clarinet.
Lia Ices - You Will
Lia Ices Web , From the album: Necima

Well, if ya in the Joburg area tomorrow afternoon and aint up to much mischief between 2 and 6pm come through to Gin where I will be spinning choons together with Le Klasseeekeeest (Keith to his friends and that fucknuckle to his enemas (but anyone whom is an enema of the mighty mighty Kiff is not worth their weught in salt in my book))
AND THEN, I will be doing Lara and Sian's birthday party in the eveining, that should be fun, they say come one come all, so come for party party, check my Facebook profile for details, its on there somewhere, if not, message me mofo's, so yeah, peas and carrots

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