Friday, June 26, 2009

Ladytron, Sickboy Mixtape, Busta Rhymes, Peter Bjorn and John, Colette, Lufrkkk Mixtape

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With remixes from Amsterdam's SICK BOY and NYC's own DRLKT FREDDIE

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URB/Gotta Dance Dirty: "Only the dirtiest of the dirty right here, folks. DDY brings a super-grungy, buzzsaw of a track on 'Stupid Sound.' 100% guaranteed to melt faces. "

Rock The Discontent: "The original mix of this is a sweaty overdriven rave-til-dead gauntlet, where the Sick Boy remix takes things a little more organic and worldly with the percussion sounds and rhythms, but retains that intense roller-coaster synth on a bed of throb'n'rumble bass to vibrate your sensitive areas."

Le New Shit: "This latest remix by Drlkt Freddie combines elements of tech-house and electro layered on a hip-hop-inspired breakbeat - all coming together to create a hype-filled, big room banger."

Busta Rhymes
World Go Round (feat. Estelle) (DJ Mehdi Remix)
Decades in the game and Busta is still making new friends—Estelle and DJ Mehdi. That’s not a group made for conversation and this new remix bulges slightly as it tries to make room for the egos of its three players, but it still bangs.
Busta Rhymes - World Go Round (feat. Estelle) (DJ Mehdi Remix) Busta Rhymes MySpazz , Busta Rhymes Web
From the Album: Back on my BS

Peter Bjorn & John
It Don’t Move Me (The Knocks Remix)
The Knocks, the New York production duo of DJ B-Roc and Mr. JPatt, are working on some notable remixes, including this effusive flip of the new Peter Bjorn & John single “It Don’t Move Me.” It actually will move you.
Peter Bjorn & John - It Don’t Move Me (The Knocks Remix)
The Knocks MySpazz , The Knocks Web , Heavyroc Music

About Us (Chuck Love Rework)
We got our hot little hands on the chrome-dipped “About Us”, which Chuck Love polished into silvery oblivion. Last time we nailed the electric slide and this time, well, Big Sis, you’d be proud. Mom, we broke your lamp dancing.
Colette - About Us (Chuck Love Rework)
Colette Web , Colette MySpazz
From the Album: Push
Another Song: Colette - Think you want it

Get ‘Em Mamis
Planet Swag
We’ve heard Get ‘Em Mamis on The Wire and when we had the chance to snag Roxzi and Symphony’s perfect champagne-room track “Planet Swag” for our very own, we jumped, and then handed it over to you for snagging.
Get ‘Em Mamis - Planet Swag
Get Emma MySpazz
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Tomorrow (Vector Lovers Remix)
This version of “Tomorrow” (from last year’s Velocifero) remixed by synth magi Martin Wheeler in his esteemed Vector Lovers guise is elegant, minimal and tense.
Ladytron - Tomorrow (Vector Lovers Remix)
Ladytron Web
More music from Ladytron: Ladytron - Ghosts (Blestenation Mix) , Ladytron - Black Cat , Ladytron - Ghosts (Toxic Avenger Remix)

The Very Best
Warm Heart of Africa (feat. Ezra Koenig)
The Very Best are luring us towards cliches with steel pans that chime like the sound of channelled sunlight and the Vampire Weekend frontman hupping and bopping over the top of their springing rhythm like a man trying to dodge the water-pistol fire of a sun-crazed drunk.
The Very Best - Warm Heart of Africa (feat. Ezra Koenig)
The Very Best MySpazz

And then an AWESOME mixtape from LUFRKKK:

Hi Brothers....checking my new mixtape and enjoY !!!!

TURBOTAPE @ lufrkkk



1) Sebastien Tellier - Kilometer (Donovan rmx)
2) Circlesquare - Dancers (RussChimes & Anoraak rmx)
3) Major Laser - Hold the line (Tommie sunshine rmx)
4) Anavan - Boom (Frost Dj sexx rmx)
5) Frankie goes to hollywood - Relax ( Spencer & Hill rmx)
6) Super viral brothers - Hot chocolatte (Dadalife rmx)
7) Pryda - Melo
8) The Glass - wanna be dancin (Fantaston rmx)
9)WolfgangGartner - 5simphony
10)Justice - Waters of Nazareth (lufrkkk rmx)
11)The prodigy - Omen (La dolce Vita edit)
12)LMFAO - Lalala (TerrorDactel rmx)
13)Tittsworth - Wtf (Deekline & ed solo rmx)
14)Ursulla1000 - Rump (AGFA rmx)
15)RyeRye ft.Mia - Bang (Burakasomsistema rmx)
16)Ciara ft.Ludacris & Dj assalt - Oh (Dj realJuicy rmx)

LufRkk Mixtape (Pronounced Lu'Freak)


LufRkkk MySpazz
LufRkkk Web
LufRkkk More Web

Cheers from brazil 4ever

K, soooo, I hope you ALL have an AWESOME week ahead, this weekend has been WAY cool so far.

This is how I will always remember him, not the sad freak he became as he lived out his own private meltdown in the public eye
On a sombre note, I am deeply saddened by the deaths of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, both were icons in their own rights, defining and era in history in entertainment. MJ's end is a sad ending to a sad life, and there does seem to be some weirdness surrounding his death with the unregistered doctor whom has now fled etc etc etc. I hope that his troubled soul can now rest in peace and we remember him for the music and not for the freak show that his life became. Regardless of what went on in his private life with the children and all of that, if we seprate all that and concentrate what he contributed to the world of music, the barriers he broke down, the way he revolutionised the way we view music videos, the awesome music from the Thriller era etc etc, the world has lost a true great. His death will be a defining moment in many a persons life. I still remember where I was when Elvis died, when John Lennon died, where I was when 9/11 happened, and I was in a tube behind one of the ones that got hit by the London July 7th bombings (missed it by 4 minutes), these are some of the defining moments of a generation, a new defining moment happened on the death of Michael Jackson.

Farrah Fawcett was the it girl of the 70's and at one stage there were more posters of her on more walls than any other picture in the universe!! Everyones favourite Charlie's Angel has succumbed to a long struggle against cancer, Rest In Peace.

These are people none of us know, but these are also people whom we all feel we know because they have been part of our culture and in our collective conscience for decades. Truly a sad day in the history of entertainment...

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