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NEW George Lenton, BLK JKS, Fever Ray, Dirty Disco Youth, Telepathe, Mix Hell, Cubic Zirconiz etc etc

Ola hombres, thanks for being patient, my email box has been filling, I have been moving and other stuff going on, I am back from London, it was the most miserable holiday I have ever had to be honest, why is it whenever I am in London Town that shit goes down SO bad yo?????? Anyhoo, some awesome stuffies for you below, its been piling up for almost two weeks now, so yeah, enjoy, we love you LOTS, oh and awesome in Norwegian is either one of two words or both – Flott (that’s in Icelandic which is ancient Norwegian so I am told) and/or Fryktinngytende (word) :

Stuffies from Jez @ Nile-On Records:

Check out Dan Sena’s remix of ‘Way Down’, adding to the other recent artists to do their magic to N.A.S.A.’s goods.

Download: N.A.S.A. – Way Down (Dan Sena Remix)
Dan Sena MySpazz , N.A.S.A. MySpazz

And NOW, a NEW track AGAIN from our favourite (and) prolific Dubstepper, Lord George Lenton (stand up and take a bow):

how do, hope alls well in the land of everyone.

new beat, bit of a more hip hoppy-ish one. kind of hip hop electro i guess. you can decide. (the intros a bit misleading maybe)
heres the links ;
Here on ;
George Lenton – Here On

Here on video ;
George Lenton – Here On Vid

would be cool to hear some thoughts and whatnot.

the mgmt remix release has been put back a little bit. i think it'll be out around the 22nd.

the night in bristol was really good, if anyone was randomly at the lab on thursday. a few of my mates put the night on, and although it was there first stab at promotion, they left flyering until a week before the night and for got to put the date on the flyer and had to write it on in pen ( ha ha ) it went really well. i think they'll be putting it back on in sept, so if you see flyers for a night called original mash in bristol you should head over.

i know theres some people on this list that are most definatly not going to be able to attend any night in the uk, so sorry for waffling toss about that to you.

heres the next best thing ;


Telepathe - Chrome’s On It (Gold Panda Remix)
London producer/remixer extraordinaire Gold Panda saw something in the swooping synths and fin de siecle girl gang chanting that we missed, rendering you blissfully comatose on the floor for the duration of the four minutes before you awake with a start to find Telepathe, confused, peering through the letterbox.
From the Album: Telepathe and Gold Panda

Sean Bones
“Dancehall”—from the second half of his debut record, Rings—rides a “Don’t Come Around Here No More”-ish drum machine stumble, cutting the staggering with boxy guitar stabs and a B3 that sounds like it’s trying to talk through its rotary amp.
Sean Bones – Dancehall
Sean Bones MySpazz

Cubic Zirconia
Fuck Work (Proper Villians & Jubliee Remix)
Thank you, Cubic Zirconia, for conceiving the best summer song title of ’09. For those of us without jobs, now we have an anthem and below you’ll find a squibby electro-house flip from Nightshifters affiliates Proper Villians and Jubliee.
Cubic Zirconia - Fuck Work (Proper Villians & Jubliee Remix)
Cubic Zirconia MySpazz Cubic Zirconia Web

Slim Twig
Young Hussies
Slim Twig is a friend of abstraction. A chameleonic artist in the tradition of Bowie or Beck, Slim is a performer and songsculpter. “Young Hussies,” is the first song off his debut album of experimental pop, Contempt!
Slim Twig - Young Hussies
Slim Twig Web

Boom Da (Crookers Remix)
Italian power rave duo Crookers took their hands to Iggor and Laima’s “Boom Da,” affixing their usual uppity tempos and synths that sound like fire alarms from the Starship Enterprise. They also squeezed in the sounds of an ocean liner leaving port, ’cause, uh, why not?
Mixhell - Boom Da (Crookers Remix)
Mix Hell MySpazz

Bag Raiders
Turbo Love (K.I.M Remix)
And the path of Bang Gang carnage continues. The boutique Australian imprint just released a remix EP of the Bag Raiders’ “Turbo Love,” off last year’s twelve inch of the same name. Whitenoise, Spruce Lee, Light Year, Shinichi Osawa, and K.I.M. all contribute versions, with the latter available for poaching below.
Bag Raiders - Turbo Love (K.I.M Remix)
Bag Raiders MySpazz Bag Raiders Web

Santigold is a survivor of a half-century worth of living along musical evolution's most cutting edges. The only live act that can boast of having out-aged Barbara Bush, having outlived Mr. Miyagi and out-styled Liberace, Santigold is here with future flavor.
Santigold - Anne (King Britt Moody Mix)
Santigold MySpazz

We at Deconstruction have hosted BLK JKS a few times allready, firstly at the Apartheid Museum for the LEGENDARY event ApartLove and most recently for the Night of a 1000 Drawings event, we are SUPER proud that one of our own is doing so well:
Childhood friends Linda and Mpumi grew up on the same block in Johannesburg’s East Rand, where they taught themselves guitar. Forming a band in 2000, early BLK JKS shows and recordings were remarkable for their stacks of guitar drone and head nodding beats, but it was with the addition of bassist Molefi and drummer Tshepang—both of Soweto—that BLK JKS began work with a fresh approach and plunged into its current universe of sound. Heavy club dates and festival gigs followed as they band earned a loyal following across the country
BLK JKS - Molalatladi
From the Album: After Robots
More BLK JKS: BLK JKS - Summertime (Carlos Ramos Version)

Glass Candy - Beatific
From the album: B/E/A/T/B/O/X/

Vetiver - Strictly Rule
Vetiver Web

Fever Ray
Triangle Walks (Allez-Allez Remix)
That this manages to sound just as brooding as the Fever Ray cut without Karin Dreijer Andersson’s spectral vocal is a triumph, this refit full of suspense and dark, dank corners harbouring disco ghosts. At the start, all you can hear is your pulse replicated in minimal bass throbs, by the end you’re unhinged, mania flaring up in a panic of synths.
Fever Ray - Triangle Walks (Allez-Allez Remix)
Fever Ray MySpazz , Fever Ray Web

Super Viral Brothers
Hot Chocolate + Polar Bear Rug (Dada Life Remix)
Super Viral Brothers are Anthony Mills and Olle CornĂ©er. The two linked up initially for the “Flu Shot Mixtape,” a mash-up heavy release that paired the Stooges with Aphex Twin and also saw some original music float to the surface. That led to their first single, “Hot Chocolate + Polar Bear Rug”, and the Dada Life remix from CornĂ©er that you can snag below.
Super Viral Brothers - Hot Chocolate + Polar Bear Rug (Dada Life Remix)
Super Viral Brothers MySpazz

And then some new music from Kinetika Records:

Dirty Disco Youth – Stupid Sound
Dirty Disco Youth – Stupid Sound (Sick Boy Remix)
Kinetika Records MySpazz , Dirty Disco Youth MySpazz , Drlkt Freddie MySpazz , Sick Boy MySpazz

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