Thursday, June 4, 2009

NEW George Lenton, Passion Pit, Patrick Wold, Andrew Bird, MSTRKRFT, introducing Relentless, Introducing FoulHouse, Moby etc etc

HMMMMMM< yes, I promised that it will come, adore away bitches:

NEW George Lenton track, YAAAAAAAY:
how do. new track ive recently finished, got a bit of a old school hip hop sample on it, hence the track name.
heres the download link ;
Cold Rocker ;
Geroge Lenton – Cold Rocker

heres the video ;
George Lenton Cold Rocker Video

i did a different mix for this track as well, here ;
Cold Rocker (808 mix) ;
Geroge Lenton – Cold Rocker (808 Mix)
video ;
George Lenton - Cold Rockers (808 Mix) Video

hope you all like, would be cool to hear some thoughts. i usually do one mix of a track and run with that, but i kinda felt that this one suited the alt mix as well, and it was fun to do. originally it was just a little bit in the other vers, i just streched it out and that. always wanted to do a beat just with 808 sounds as well "boom booooooom" ha ha.
any blog posts on the tracks are well appreciated, you may notice that i do my own promotion... ha ha. badly as well! really appreciate any posts though, :)
couple of things, the mgmt remix is going to be about on vinyl from june the 8th, there might me a couple bobbing about on the 1st though, i dunno. and if anyones about bristol in the uk im playin at the lab on the 4th of june. (this thursday) for people in the us, im gonna try and get my act together and do a little mix next week. i get emails asking if i can dj as well, so i think i need to fix up and get something out there on that front!
anyhoooo, safe big up and brap and fresh to everyone. hope you all enjoy the tracks!

And now, some new music from FoulHouse:
FoulHouse are a couple of dudes from Toronto, Canada that make music and throw parties. When not having fun, they are actively involved in the future planning of fun.
These plans almost always include a dancefloor, music, and alcohol.

Between the two of us we've played a shit ton of parties over the years with people like Diplo, Soulwax, The Rapture,Erol Akon, Green Velvet, and..well, the list goes on and on. One of us even has pictures of us naked on the Cobrasnake...but for your safety, you should probably avoid looking at them.

FoulHouse hobbies include: Music Production, throwing parties, chain smoking, late night Denny's, and situations that involve nudity.

FoulHouse does not suggest or endorse the use of birds as pets, or guys wearing denim Shorts."

Heads Will Roll by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (remixed by FoulHouse)
FoulHouse MySpazz

and Introducing Relentless:

San Francisco, CA
//// June 2009 Releases ////

Relentless - William of Ockham (Original Mix)

Relentless - Ur Fired (Original Mix)

//// About Relentles ////

Harnessing the power of old and new technology, Relentless produces aggressive, dramatic house music that comprises an intelligent balance between pop and underground styles. Using advanced theories in sound design and completely exclusive sources, they╩╝re able to deliver what moves people.

Outside of the studio, Relentless uses a fresh approach to live electronic music and performance. With the original concepts of stereo-typical mixing and deejaying, Relentless adds on-the-fly, live remixing and production for an unprecedented, peak- hour dance floor experience. Their influences can best be described if you mixed Gabriel & Dresden, Sebastian Leger, Deadmau5, and Erol Alkan together.

//// Past Releases ////

Mephisto Odyssey - Supa Chron (Relentless Amnesty Remix)

Relentless - GEO600 (Original Mix)

Relentless - Mono Love (Original Mix)

Relentless - Mono Love (Stereo Heroes Remix)

Relentless - Mono Love (After Midnight Remix)

Relentless MySpazz , Relentless Web

And then something else:
MSTRKRFT – So Deep (Colin Munroe Remix)
Bill Eff - Baby Baby (This Is Kokuz ReChop)

Then some RCRD LBL stuffies that has been piling up:
Major Lazer
Hold The Line (LehtMoJoe Remix)
LehtMoJoe copped the instrumental from the other "Hold the Line,"--by Toto!--mashing it with a barely pitched-down version of the vocal. We'd be lying if we didn't think Santi sounded awesome over those opening keys.
Major Lazer - Hold The Line (LehtMoJoe Remix)
major lazer MySpazz

Evident Utensil (Sinden Remix)
A year after we banged the original into eternity, Chairlift's single "Evident Utensil" is getting some big name remixes, but we’re not mad. Sinden's version which lights up with congas like they were tiki torches soaked in gasoline.
Chairlift - Evident Utensil (Sinden Remix)
Bio: Chairlift , Kanine Records

Patrick Wolf
Hard Times (Alec Empire Remix)
“Hard Times” finds Patrick Wolf battle-hardened. Alec Empire, as the remixer, really goes to town: arming the track with brain-rattling beats and malevolent electronic whirs, swoops and clanks.
Patrick Wolf - Hard Times (Alec Empire Remix)
Patrick Wolf MySpazz

Femi Kuti
Eh Oh
Kuti’s Day by Day came out back in October, but “Eh Oh” feels like the perfect jam, with such sexy guitar work, for getting through a sad, rainy week. Afro-medicine!
Femi Kuti - Eh Oh
Femi Kuti MySpazz

Exodus (Malente Remix)
Our pals at Fool’s Gold sent over two unreleased refits of “Runark” b-side “Exodus,” one from German electro-house wizard Malente and a twitchy, whiplash-inducing flip from France’s Kap Cad. Both will serve your rave diet appropriately.
Congorock - Exodus (Kap Cad Remix)
Congorock - Exodus (Malente Remix)
Congorock MySpazz

Psychic City
YACHT’s back on the scene and they’ve got a new record on the way. It’s going to be wild. “Psychic City” is a beach ball jam and it’s dangerously addictive and you can dance alone to it. So much fun.
YACHT - Psychic City

Passion Pit
The Reeling (Miike Snow Remix)
Passion Pit's Manners is out now, through Frenchkiss, while Miike Snow hits next Tuesday (June 9), through Downtown. The latter flipping the former’s new single is a nice bit of ’09 synth-rock synergy, and we’re amped to to hear the Snow guys release their army of buggy studio tricks upon the original. And to let that Angelakos guy get our hearts all aflutter again.
Pit - The Reeling (Miike Snow Remix)

Handsome Furs
Radio Kalininbrad
“Radio Kalininbrad” is a fiery new mpfree from Dan Boeckner and wife Alexei Perry’s sophomore effort— part travelogue, part electronic love letter. Definitely SWAK.
Handsome Furs - Radio Kalininbrad
Handsome Furs Web , Handsome Furs MySpazz

Sliding Away (Johnny D Remix)
Johnny D’s murky, ten-minute vocal version of 2020Soundsystem’s “Sliding Away” is being lauded a “terrace” hit by people that evidently dance on terraces in Ibiza quite often. We think it bangs everywhere, including our concrete and brick backyard with no ocean views, so they are at least half-right.
2020Soundsystem - Sliding Away (Johnny D Remix)
2020 Soundsystem MySpazz

Andrew Bird
Oh No
Over a year ago, Andrew Bird discussed, for the New York Times’ “Measure To Measure” column, how this song, from Noble Beast, was inspired by a screaming baby he’d sat behind on airplane. That is a great way of turning an annoying situation into a productive one.
Andrew Bird - Oh No
Andrew Bird Web

And then some stuff from:
Elise 5000
FILE SIZE : 11.30 MB


Elise 5000
Lucky Day
(No Rap EDIT)
Written and produced by Elise 5000. Copyright 2009. All Rights Reserved
Elise 5000 Lucky Day Piano REMIX


Elise 5000
Featuring Talent Couture
So Over U (95 Jeep REMIX)
Written and produced by Elise 5000. Copyright 2009. All Rights Reserved.

Elise 50900 Featuring Talent Couture) - So Over U (95 Jeep REMIX)


Pale Horses (Apparat Remix)
Veteran electronic producer Moby has a new album, Wait For Me, out June 30th, and he’s turned to Berlin producer Apparat to flip the album track “Pale Horses” in particularly grandiose fashion, loading up on scattered beats and warped, sighing strings.
Moby - Pale Horses (Apparat Remix)
Moby Web

Blank Dogs
Tin Birds
One band said they were prepared to eat human flesh in order to support tracks like the glorious “Tin Birds”, the absurdist imagery of rusting, land-bound wings apt for a sound so heavy it seems light, Mike Sniper’s guttural growl emerging through a fog of metal textures and febrile euphoria.
Blank Dogs - Tin Birds
Blank Dogs MySpazz

We’re giving away tickets to two unmissable New York shows this week. Tonight, it’s Mad Decent’s Toy Selectah at Santos Party House, and on Saturday it’s Miike Snow’s first North American show at Brooklyn’s Studio B. To win, email with “Toy” or “Miike Snow” as the subject. Bueno suerte!

AND THEN, check this slice of insanity out, HAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAH Carlos Ancelloti (New Chelsea manager), German/Italo Football Insanity with Terrence Hill as a priest, HAAHHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH:

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