Monday, November 9, 2009

The Count and Sinden, Jori Hulkkonen, 10Rapid and some musing

Missed this one last week, so here it is in all its glory

The Count and Sinden - Mega Camo (UFO Remix)
The Count and Sinden

Jori Hulkkonen - Undercover (feat The Dove)
Jori Hulkkonen
AND 10Rapid sent me the latest mixtape type thingy:
10Rapid Mixtape type thingymajig
Tracklist / Chapters
Burn The Negative - Only For Tonight (10 Rapid Remix) 1
Disco Trash Music - Neon Disco (Alex Gopher Remix) 2
Brodinski & Noob - Peanuts Club (Beataucue Remix) 3
Duck Sauce - Anyway (10 Rapid Remix) 4
Popof - Faces 5
Moby - Mistakes (Yuksek Remix) 6
Monosurround - Cocked Locked Ready To Rock (Fukkk Offf Remix) 7
10 Rapid - It's Not Right (Streetlife Dj's Remix) 8
Proxy - Who Are You 9
Vitalic - Terminator Benelux 10
Malente - Dwarfs (10 Rapid Remix) 11
Burns - Turbo (Jockers Of The Scene Remix) 12
Boys Noize - Gax 13
Tony Senghore - Fork 14

Yeah, short and sweet!!!
Just a footnote, thanks to everyone who came to Kitcheners and Gin on Saturday afternoon and night, it was fun.
It's been a strange few weeks...but we march on and we conquer....
Love and Peace to all of you, this world is going madder and madder what with Islamist extremists murdering Christian Missionaries et al...there's hardly a corner of this planet that has any lasting peace anymore....too many people, so many of them angry, some of hose angry people hold sway over millions...making them do their angry and selfish deads whilst they sit back and watch. All of us are just trying to get by, trying to find that one person that they can love and hold and not feel that they have to lose themselves to find someone else...we humans are simple folk, give us enough food and love and nurturing and we are peaceful people, take anyone of those away and thats where you have problems...yeah, I am oversimplifying things, but sometimes you have to simplify things to get to the root of all things, we forget that sometimes. We all have our private struggles and demons to bear, some more than others, but everyones problems are their own and therefore no less importamt than someone elses, cut people some slack, if someone cuts you off in traffic, don't react in anger, maybe they are so full of anxiety that they can't pay their mortgage or someone has died or gone into hospital that they aren't concentrating...we ALL have pressures, let people be and try love one another...there isn't enough of that in this world at the moment. Anyhoo, thats my Hallmark moment over, all I wanted to say was that I treasure all my loved ones, my friends you all have left an indelible mark in my life and for that I am truly greatful, honoured and humbled that you are part of my life, especialy over this past year, it's been a bad one, but it is getting better....thank you all for your support. ALSO, thank you to ALL my readers, I love doing this, it's EXTREME and randomness are my passion and it's great to have a platform to be able to do this. Anyhoo, off to Bikram Yoga tonight for my first lesson.......OMG, I have been told to expect I used to be a cage fighter, clearly pain is not that much of an issue with me...but we shall see...

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