Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm Not A Band, My Awesome Mixtape, Lunar Youth, Sammy Bananas vs Bag Raiders, Vitalic, The Golden Filter Disco of Doom and Nck Cave

I’m not a Band have some excellent and new music to offer. They make alternative electro pop music, unconventionally combined with violin...you can have a listen at I'm Not A Band MySpazz
I’m Not A Band - This is it
I’m Not A Band - Crazy

And then My Awesome Mixtape sent me this stuff

My Awesome Mixtape – Hearts to Lend
My Awesome Mixtape’s story starts, like that of many other bands, in their bedroom.
That’s where, at the tail end of 2006, Maolo, Checco and Bebo – three spritely Bolognese regaz – half-jokingly start making music. Mixing and matching their favourite styles, they end up generating an original mix of indie rock, hip hop and electronica, the kind you cannot fail to dance to.
In the space of a few months, the band’s first songs become the talk of the town, and soon enough they are hailed everywhere as Italy’s next big thing.
My Awesome Mixtape - How Could a Village Turn Into a Town
My Awesome Mixtape are:
- Maolo Torreggiani
- Andrea Mancin
- Alessandro Scagliarini
- Federico Spadoni
- Andrea Suriani

Something wicked from Jez, thanks:
Lunar Youth – Misfits

And now for the daily dose of RCRD LBL:

Fever Ray - Triangle Walks (Tiga’s 1-2-3-4 Remix)
Fever Ray MySpazz Fever Ray Web
Bag Raiders vs. Sammy Bananas - Fun Punch (feat. Carrie Wilds)
Sammy Bananas MySpazz

Vitalic - Poison Lips (Captain Flash Remix)
Vitalic MySpazz

The Golden Filter - Thunderbird (With Beauty Befor Me, I walk Mix)
The Golden Filter Web The Golden Filter MySpazz

Disco of Doom Mixtape
tracklist -
1: Vitalic 'Flashmob'
2: Disco Of Doom 'Butterfingers'
3: Sub Focus 'Move Higher'
4: Passion Pit 'Little Secrets' Jack Beats RMX
5: Claude Von Stroke 'Beat That Bird'
6: Neon Lights 'House Of Funk'
7: Disco OF Doom 'In Effect'
8: Green Velvet 'UFO'
9: The Subs 'Mitsubishi'
10: Autoerotique 'Gladiator'
11: Foamo 'Wardance' Disco OF Doom Remix
12: Boys Noize 'Nott'
13: Doorly 'Horse Step'
Buy the Disco Of Doom EP


YAY, well, that was some cool stuffies thrown at me in my inbox, I hope you all enjoy, everybody, please think positively for me......."Into My Arms"

That's for you, you know who you are...

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