Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This is a completely self promotional post. Myself and my good fiend Koos have been making music over the past few months, we have called ourselves MonoDestrukt and have so far done remixes for ULTERIOR, The Frown and The Wild Eyes and we have done some original work, just experimental at the moment, all unmastered but its DAMN fun!!!

The Wild Eyes - Vampire Radio

Ulterior - Sex War Sex Cars Sex

MonoDestrukt - Joburg Jungle

The Frown - This Is How The World Ends

MonoDestrukt - Thee Meestakn Randomiser (a three and a half minute drunken fuck around)

Destrukto - Dub Sex Mix (did this over 6 months ago, I will be posting more mixes soon)

We are about busy on two new tracks at the moment, I will post as soon as we have anything done, we have made the tracks pretty, now we have to fuck them up and make them sinister...
Over and above this, we are FINALLY starting two remixes for Gosteffects and one for Nine Inch Nails.

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