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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spoek Mathambo, Markus Wormstorm, Sibot, The Frown, Double some others

Yes, another post, and it hasn't taken me 5 months to do!!!

Some brilliant stuff from South Africa at the end...

My friends response: "Niall Bingham Thanks, this guy sounds uncannily like Jeff Buckley, love it!!!"

(SHAX TRAX) Complex Mind EP

††† - Prurien†

Foster The People - Don't Stop (St. Lucia Remix)

YukSek - Off The Wall (Brodinski Remix)

Tu Fawning - Bones

Solidisco - Hooked (Codes Remix)

The AWESOME Spoek Mathambo on SUB POP has given away the first single from his upcoming album "Father Creeper", it's brilliant, but then that is what I expect from my friend.
Check out this really cool interview about the new album:

Spoek Mathambo - Let Them Talk

Also, have a read through this awesome interview on Mahala of Sibot who was in Playdoe with Spoek. We had the pleasure of hosting them a few years back supporting (and in fact DESTROYING) Toxic Avenger. Check out his Soundcloud page
Another former Spoek Collaborator (Sweat.X) and Sibot Collaborator (Constructus and Real Estate Agents) Markus Wormstorm has a new album out called "Not I, But A Friend" and it is spectacular. Go to the link and Download.
Here is the beautiful and vaguely creepy video for Eve's Twin...hypnotic:

Eve's Twin from Markus Wormstorm on Vimeo.

The next three videos have been out for a while but I haven't posted for a while so I feel they are worth posting as they are fucking awesome!!!

Check out this spectacular video of The Frown by Tristan Holmes:

This video by Double Adapter features myself and my girlfriend as Zombies, awesome work Stones:

And I am going to post this again as it is so amazing:
Spoek Mathambo and Richard the Third's post-apocalyptic reworking of Joy Division's She's Lost Control

COOL, looking good that I will be playing at Oppikoppi this year...FUCK yeah...

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